Start building more strength today! (BAR GRIPS) This routine is all about overcoming plateaus and pushing through the…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 thoughts on “MAXIMUM GROWTH! BACK!”

  1. Awesome video. After watching this, I have no questions! Perfect. Now
    searching for maximum *_____* (other body parts videos)

  2. Nice Vid ! Good Thing you don’t work out at a Planet Fitness , You would be
    the perfect Candidate for their obnoxious Hunk Alarm for Grunting HAHAHA

  3. hey whenever i do back my forarms get tired before my back why is this
    happening and what can i do?

  4. Scott, what is the attachment called you use for the barbell row? My gym
    hasn’t got one so want to buy it

  5. Dane Wilkerson

    Awesome Awesome Video. I do back tomorrow, and Im doing this. Thanks
    Scott! Ignore stoupid ass haters. Honestly, they are just jealous, all it

  6. Aditya Singh Choudhary

    which is this song. i cant get it to download anywhere. its not even on

  7. Joakim Jansson

    Consider losing those fatgrips instead and keep the momentum on your back
    instead of being fatigue in your forearms

  8. I wouldnt bother addressing most of these negative comments, Mr. Herman.
    Theyre obviously more successful than you so why even try.

  9. Hey Scott is it okay if I switch around the last exercise to the first
    instead? I find that after I finish the two supersets I barely have
    strength to pull one let alone 8. Or would you recommend me using the
    assisted pull up machine? 

  10. Rashiff Hughes

    Hey I think your great luv your videos so inspiring but have you ever use
    the levarage squat machinr

  11. Nickallah Deen

    what if you cant finish your last rep and you cant put the release bar back
    up? can u get out of the machine??????

  12. Francois Botha

    Only if you at the top of the movement maybe push out with your toes and
    bring them back and come down on your heels again.

  13. Scott, can you help me out with this question? Which yields more results,
    leg press or seated leg press?

  14. if you deeper you can hurt your lower back. it is a myth to go with your
    kness till you get to your shoulders. safety first.

  15. Superb movie. Youtube is made for this form of content. My best friend was
    formerly bullied. He said he was gonna get bigger. I laughed… Right up
    until in just weeks he packed on 40 pounds of natural muscle. He used the
    Muscle Building Bible (Google it). No person dares to bully him anymore.
    🙂 I actually subscribed the other day. See what the results are. And the
    mans emails are great!

  16. danseventyseven

    I’ve been used to pushing out with the balls of my feet to get a
    contraction in my calves, but I’ll give the heels a go next time.

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