Maximize Your Barbell Bicep Curls! Inside Grip Vs. Outside Grip!

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25 thoughts on “Maximize Your Barbell Bicep Curls! Inside Grip Vs. Outside Grip!”

  1. my biceps are huge , my gf likes it, truth is i never even train it that
    much i only bench press, and curl, their is no need for all those eercises
    just those two and you will see results

  2. When doing full ranged motion, let the arms get straight, is it not also a
    higher chance to “snap” your arms?

  3. What do you think about the close-grip preacher curl (for the long heads I
    think)? And thanks for the videos you really helped me a lot in the past
    couple of months

  4. Why is it that people that talk poo.. look like poo! Lol. Soo many haters!
    Start your own gym if you know soo much about building muscle. Keep it up

  5. Is it right that the tension goes of your biceps when you flex the tricep
    at the bottom? And is it bad, because there is a short time under tension?

  6. ScottHermanFitness

    Although the shape of your biceps will be determined by your genetics, you
    can always build bigger arms by increasing the size of the muscle. The
    biceps or “Biceps Brachii” consists of two heads, the inner head (short
    head) and the outer head (long head).

    Depending on the grip used with various bicep exercises, you can actually
    target each head to ensure that you are in fact working both areas

    If you are looking to switch up your bicep workout, in this video I have
    included my top two favorite exercises to work the outside head of the
    bicep as well as my top two favorite exercises to work the inside head of
    the bicep. #HTH #SHFAthlete

  7. Damn scott. I thought the picture in the thumbnail was photoshop but GAUD
    DAYUM! You have some killer biceps and DAT DERE FOREARM! SHIET SON!

  8. hey Scott I’m sorry to give you this bad news but views have dropped
    dramatically, because I think you’re doing more vidoe for real athletes,
    where you explain strategies etc. I’m sorry, the maggiiorparte people are
    concerned only with facts and good workouts, so if you want my advice , a
    training program (video) such as Tuesday and a video where you explain
    strategies for real athletes (like this video, for example) on Friday or
    another day at your leisure, I’ll tell you why I am fond of your video and
    not I’m asking you to discourage the few views, I hope to check out the
    state for help, and as always HTH!

  9. Tim shufflebottom

    but but but BUUUTTTT Scotty Poo your bi only 15-16 inches how could you
    tell US how to build BIG biceps when according to my research the majority
    of your viewers have 16-17″…….WAAAAHHHHHHHH

  10. Excellent Scott .very informative. Coming up on 4 years we are friends and
    ALWAYS learning something new..Thanks buddy !!

  11. Hey Scott, im 18, pretty skinny, but somehow weigh 72 kg..been working out
    for bout 4 months. I know i have to be patient, but how long does it
    usually take to build up decent arms and chest ? how can i measure my
    progress ?

  12. If you are working both your long and short head separately , Is it
    necessary to do exercises which work the whole bicep. 

  13. When I try to switch to wider than shoulder grip I experience always a
    discomfort in my wrists… it’s like that if they’re not in line with the
    elbows pain starts to occur.. I suppose that there’s no solution for that
    except not using that grip.. :(

  14. I know the benefits of full range of motion and strict form on curls. But I
    think being able to keep perfect form the entire set, every set means
    you’re not overloading enough, isn’t that bad for muscle growth, Scott? I
    mean a little cheating in 1-2 final reps is good right?

  15. Donny van der Meij

    Scott Herman Fitness Channel: 50% Biceps , 30% Functional tips , 20%
    Showing Off! I still love you, I just don`t understand why Biceps can be so
    important that almost half your videos include them or are about them.

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