Massive Shoulder Attack Workout

1 crazy trick to gain massive muscle: What’s up guys, Mike reporting in to take you through an all out massive shoulder atta…

25 thoughts on “Massive Shoulder Attack Workout”

  1. To those who left negative comments below, if you’re not in agreement with
    his exercise(s), move on. If you think you can do better or look better,
    why not post a self-pic?! As the old saying goes … put up or shut up.

  2. Can someone write a schedule for this exercise? Like how many reps how many
    secs rest? and so on

  3. Don’t forget push ups and pull ups and if there’s a park nearby with rings
    those are great too.

  4. Arthur Gonzales

    Wow you guys bashing on Mike… Fail.. He’s obviously in better shape than
    you and he knows what he is talking about… Sigh.. Guys are retarded XD

  5. This is awesome. I was looking for a good shoulder workout for position
    fun. Now I got it. Thanks Mike.

  6. this guy is great. no need for a person trainer. he teaches the correct
    techniques. very nice.

  7. nonsexualpredator

    something to notice which he is doing wrong is that his elbows are down by
    his side but for a proper position for a push press is elbows high out in
    front of you as if your front squatting

  8. i’m 15 years old i want to have a home gym i don’t have a lot of money but
    i’m ok to spend money what should i start with. i just want the basics what
    should i get.

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