Mass Building Workout for Legs – 35 Minute At Home Lower Body Barbell Workout for Strength

Calorie burn & more for this Fitness Blender Workout @ We use PowerBlock’s adjustable barbells, find them @: Lose …
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27 thoughts on “Mass Building Workout for Legs – 35 Minute At Home Lower Body Barbell Workout for Strength”

  1. maybellineitsamber

    Can you please make a workout where i can make my butt bigger and lose leg
    fat ? without lunges ? I really want an hard one so I have pain the day
    after it 🙂

    Please answer if you wanna do this ?

  2. Darryl Johnson

    I wouldn’t say the knee over toes thing is fictitious. You are very likely
    to fall forward or perform a fold if your knees are too far forward. It
    will through you off balance.

  3. charis burton

    did this routine but without weights; I’m carrying about 50lbs excess, so
    just upped reps, stayed moving throughout.

  4. I bought a new set of adjustable dumbbells + barbell and tried it out with
    this. I’m more interested in toning than mass building so I lifted lighter
    but did more reps… can’t wait for the soreness tomorrow! I’ve said it
    before but years and years of gym classes (aerobics, spinning, kick boxing,
    TRX, you name it) never shaped my body the way a few months of your videos
    have… Thank you Daniel and Kelli!

  5. CMIIW, so if I want to aim bigger muscle, like the Rock, I have to use
    heavier weight with fewer reps, on the other hand if I want to have a more
    toned body but with not so big muscle/slimmer, like Bruce Lee, I have to do
    more reps with lighter weight? Is this right?

  6. I can only do it if I lean my back weird kinda hard to explain if I send
    you a video response will u plz help ill just do it with my curling barbell
    I have in my room to show you won’t actually use a squat bar

  7. One of my fave new lower body routines! Did this yesterday and I am soooo
    sore today! haha… Thanks Daniel!! :-)

  8. Johnny Magrippis

    Thanks for this workout! You always got my home workouts covered, but this
    will spice up “lower body day” in the gym ;)

  9. I can’t do squats without going on my tip toes I’m not leaning forward and
    I’m only 16 I’m in shape I’m an athlete very athletic fast decently strong
    but can’t do squats don’t know why plz help I sprea my legs relatively wide
    and point my toes slightly out to try and help and still can’t do it plz

  10. rawan aljafaryy

    Hellooo guys!we would like another mass building routine for legs:) thank

  11. Madhuri Shakya

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    Maker Method to find out.

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