Mass Building Tip of The Day: How many Sets and Reps To Build The MOST Muscle!!!

i get this question too much. what is the best rep and set range to build muscle. it’s all relative fellas. Click Here To Receive A FREE Text message Each Ti…

25 thoughts on “Mass Building Tip of The Day: How many Sets and Reps To Build The MOST Muscle!!!”

  1. TeamThreeD Alpha

    wow this is not surprised though with all the recent research i
    been doin on Overtraining/Resting/Repeat…ask them mofos more questions
    then report back to team3d headquarters lol

  2. Yo great advice Migan I always seem to agree with you. Btw do you know who
    axdelosangeles? You and him are the best for bodybuilding info man

  3. You said you can be the strongest guy at the gym and look like shit. Well
    what do you think bout strongman elliot hulse? Please share ur opinion

  4. Yo for the past month I have been hitting a PR in every workout. Dafuuqqq..
    Its dat dirtybulk power

  5. TeamThreeD Alpha

    based on the way he looks im pretty sure he incorporates some higher rep
    training in his routines every now and then,,,also i had a sub tell me that
    his favorite rep range for hypertrophy is the same as mine (6-8), so that
    means he probably does hypertrophy training as well on the side. but im not
    sure dont quote me on it.

  6. NotSoSrsFidness

    Migan, the biggest dudes i know.. dont count reps.. they just do 3-5
    sets… and these dudes are fuckin HYOOOOOOGGEEEEEE my boy did 25lbs bicep
    curls… dude has 19in ceps naturally… this is gonna really make u go aha
    … these dudes train hard 5 days… then take 7 off.. 5 days… 7 off…
    crazy huh

  7. do the shit until u cant do it no more but make sure u can contract ur
    muscles through the entire movement

  8. Dude i go to failure. 15 reps 4 sets. I will DB bench 80, aim for 15
    (usually get about 6 reps) ten grab a 50 and do it till 15. Dude works try

  9. MrEd12345678910

    Tut is key to hypertrophy this is great info it’s true because I can only
    db bench 28kg but my chest is massive mind muscle connection

  10. you give great advice! how can build my inner arm? I’ve been told to do
    overhead tricep exercises

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