Mass Building Bicep Workout

Mass Building Bicep Workout

This is a sample of one of our mass building bicep workouts we are following to gain size and mass for our next competition: NPC Natural Ohio on April 3, 2012.

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  1. McCroyle Bros Bodybuilding

    Yeah we got one! Check out the rest of our channel for other body parts

  2. McCroyle Bros Bodybuilding

    just enough for the other person to do their set, so I would suggest
    anywhere from 1-2 min. But I like less rest in between sets so I would say
    1 minute

  3. McCroyle Bros Bodybuilding

    The mini workouts come right after the main workout on the same day. We
    work out 6 days a week so there’s no days of rest

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    Curls for the girls, bi’s for the guys…lmaoo you guys had me laughing

  5. McCroyle Bros Bodybuilding

    Just once a week and we hit em hard. But we also throw in a mini workout of
    3 exercises after our leg workout

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