Many Different Ab Exercises

Many Different Ab Exercises

Want ripped abs? Well Listen as Freddy Fox walks you through these intense ab exercises. From Beginner to Advanced. Freddy Fox is a certified personal traine…
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25 thoughts on “Many Different Ab Exercises”

  1. that exercises X n Os that is a rite exercise looks simple but it is infact
    harder than it looks iv included it to ma training rutein an fuck me!!! I
    feel that rite in my v lines and abs!! quality exercise but will take time
    too marster

  2. Big ups on the vid, been doing the freestyle u made 3 times before
    breakfast. Takes about 10 min.

  3. It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when other people are able to
    burn off fat so easily using Vixen Fat Loss (Google it).

  4. ultimate youtube channel12343

    +Calmair hey I saw your post about how often you should work your abs to
    get best results and i would say
    Being in mma and wrestling my whole life my trainers always told me to work
    abs every other day due to muscle confusion and I got the best results

  5. Love this vid man, some really creative stuff. Was wondering how often
    should I train my abs like this per week to get the best results?

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