Lying down abdominal exercises after a hysterectomy by Pelvic

Expert physiotherapy guidance for how to safely exercise and condition your deep abdominal core muscles after a hysterectomy from http://www.pelvicexercises….
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

34 thoughts on “Lying down abdominal exercises after a hysterectomy by Pelvic”

  1. This is very informative. I will try this one. I’m on my 10th weeks
    recuperating after surgery.

  2. This was a very helpful exercise. I found that getting in and out of bed
    was the hardest part when I came home from the hospital. Thanks again.

  3. Just had a hysterectomy My surgery took over five hours. Still in the
    healing process.

  4. Thank you fo all your videos. Your instructions are great and easy to
    follow. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  5. This is the exact information I was looking for. Thank you for sharing you
    knowledge with the World!

  6. Nicole Jackson

    very helpful. I was about to go crazy not doing anything as far as
    exercise. At least I feel like I am accomplishing something

  7. Katelynn Arellano

    I made it. I’m going to comment everyday or every 5 days to tell u about my

  8. Folks who say they are having neck pain…I did when I first start working
    abs and it’s cus by habit u may be pushing up chin into ur chest while
    doing the movement (straining ur neck)….once I started looking up to the
    ceiling and keeping my chin up and focusing the move into my abs it
    stopped..the more u keep ur chin off ur chest the better.

  9. Been a month now after my last comment.. and I am happy and proud to say
    that I’m doing allll of them without severe neck pains 😉 … thank you so
    much <3

  10. Lol at 8:10 I saw two guy’s just appear from behind the balls then they
    went back O_o

  11. I think I need to be as talkative as her so I can divert my attention. nice
    one though. I will do this everyday! :)

  12. i do this routine every morning and night (every day) ive been doing it for
    4 days and lost 1 pound. i really want abs, but i have to wait to see my
    belly difference. Its soo challenging and my abs and neck her after

  13. Those 2 guys spying on herXD OMG funny.. Love this work out quick and to
    the point, works great 🙂 thank u

  14. Belinda Dunning

    I want to do crunches but I’m just not able to do them. I do everything out
    of my neck. I have no problem doing situps ‘the right way’ whatsoever, but
    crunches just aren’t my thing. Does anyone know how I can change this or
    get it right?

  15. Divine Feminine

    Love the exercises but her voice is extremely irritating, stresses me more
    (and those creepy dudes!)

  16. It burrnss! If i do this everyday for three weeks will I get a semi flat
    stomach? Love your videos :)

  17. i’m laughing so hard what the actual fuck is with the guys in the
    background omfg why are they there hahaha i can’t

  18. joanne maguire

    Your great Rebecca!! I’ve been doing this for several weeks now 4 times a
    week and I’ve totally changed my waist look and my tummy is now flat

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