21 thoughts on “Lower Back and Glutes Ball Exercise”

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  2. ahh i love those Nike free sneakers Sarah has on 🙂 great workout; trying out today!

  3. YoBootyStinks

    hi sarah. do you know why some of these stability balls are much firmer than others?? mine is too soft, i need a firm one but don’t know how to go about finding a hard/firm one…thx

  4. Thanks for the video…i dont think that u need to do a make up u r beautiful by nature ..keep up the good work ^^

  5. your face foundation doesnt match your neck… try to get one with yellow tone instead of pink just a suggestion 🙂

  6. I love your videos! I hope you do more celebrity workout videos. Oh I have recently seen an exercise video advertising exercises that work all 3 butt muscles*Brazil butt lift*. If you could do one like that I would greatly appreciate and enjoy it. Or your opinion of the most effective tail exercises.

  7. thanks for the video. do you ever get tired of working out? what do you do when you have no motivation/energy to workout?

  8. WATCHoutFORthis

    hey sarah, love your channel and im so happy ur back into these awesome excerise vids again! i really like watching Stephen, he know so much info! can you ask him if this excerise is good for someone with a herniated disk? i have been doing bridges to try and build my core muscles and this look like a nother good one to do but just want to make sure first. thanks!

  9. Claudia Maciel

    Awesome I’ll for give this a try. I have lower back pain issues.. Thanks guys..

  10. Thanks for the exercise and advice on the stability ball! I always wondered if i used the right size.

  11. this guy looks like one of the personal trainers at my Gym except the one at my Gym is short as hell.

  12. Go to the gym and do yoga. Mainly I take a class, listen to up beat music that gets me in the mood. I do not get sick of it for more than a couple days though.

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