Lower Abs Workout

Hi everybody , I just created a workout video which is focusing mostly on the lower abs , I haven’t found any good video on youtube , that’s why I made this….

The Podium Effect 2 Minute Abs Workout by Louise Hazel Fitness.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

37 thoughts on “Lower Abs Workout”

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  3. Man I love this video, I have only done it for four days, and now I have a
    good as lower ab 🙂

  4. Carolina Fenty

    You make it look easy but obviously it’s not! I’ll keep on trying it until
    I’m able to do it like you;)

  5. I was dozing off while studying so I wanted a short break that would give
    me a power boost, and decided to try this. I feel it right away and I’m
    definitely going to do this daily. It’s short yet effective, perfect for
    people who don’t have a lot of extra time!

  6. Draiten Mercer

    My abs are hurting just from watching that…damn, you banged out those ab
    work outs like a boss.

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