Lower Ab Fat Destroyer Workout

Get a lean and toned stomach fast: http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rd6V What’s up y’all, It’s Jonny and today I show you my lower ab fat destroyer workout. This …

25 thoughts on “Lower Ab Fat Destroyer Workout”

  1. The essential factor to effectively build six pack abs is not how difficult
    exercise routines you take, it is all about eating plan

  2. can’t help it, this guy just seems like a total tool. but im totally trying
    these exercises 

  3. Does this really burn the fat ? Because it seems like it’s only gonna work
    your abs, and if you got fat it could make you look even fatter 

  4. I’ve been trying hard to get into better shape, been using his methods at
    home, taken about 2 weeks now, every morning and night. Seeing a noticeable
    difference now.

  5. Omg, guys! Even though he gives u the workout, it’s up to YOU to figure out
    how many reps, times per day, and days per week based off of how YOU want
    to sculpt your body! Jesus! He’s not in charge of UR diet, daily life, or
    body! Figure out what’s best for you!

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