“Low Carb Bodybuilding Building Breakfast Meal” Burn Fat and Build Muscle (Big Brandon Carter)

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25 thoughts on ““Low Carb Bodybuilding Building Breakfast Meal” Burn Fat and Build Muscle (Big Brandon Carter)”

  1. Hi! Loved your video! I am on a low carb diet, down 48lbs in 8 months.
    I’m curious to know-why did you choose turkey bacon over regular bacon? I
    LIKE turkey bacon, but I like pork bacon more! I have made something very
    similar to these bacon/egg/cheese/spinach muffins myself. I add a little
    bit of heavy cream to mine, and some parm cheese too. Sometimes a very
    very small amount of chopped onion–or bell peppers, but those might have a
    little bit of sugar in them. Parsley is good too. This muffin recipe is
    so versatile, you can add just about anything to them. Just wondering why
    you chose the turkey bacon. :)

  2. why don’t you try showing people how to get fit eating real food? turkey
    bacon cooking spray its all garbage. i bet those eggs came off a feed lot
    as well.. 

  3. Hop The Border Productions

    i think its funny when the comments say “im buffer than you” You go to
    there channel they have fat and there just barely toned so they think there
    huge lol

  4. I dig your videos brandon, and those eggs look good as hell, but you gotta
    clean up that kitchen, that shit is gross.

  5. It’s so amusing to me how these sub-standard IQ guys speak.
    “Yo, madafaka, ya feel me? YA FEEL ME, BRA? Ima hafta bust a cap in doze
    bitches. Ain’t no nutrition in them eggshells, yo! Ain’t no nutrition! Ya
    gots ta slap some salad on that shit! Ya know what I’m sayin? YA FEEL ME?”
    … priceless. You can just sort of gauge the quality of his offspring just
    by looking in his eyes. The future is not so bright anymore.

  6. Actually, there’s tons of calcium and a little magnesium in egg shells.
    Leave them in if a little fall in.

  7. Dude is gonna need a tshirt clothing line. The first shirt would say ” DO

  8. pumpkinpastry16

    To people who want to build muscle some day. Just google Ready Set Ripped
    to find out more.

  9. Man sit cho ass Down

    DIsgusting…I would never do a low carb diet…You can lose plenty fat
    with high ass carbs.Chris Jones is ripped eating over 300G carbs a day on a
    DIET.Screw this..lol :p

  10. You say eat protein carbs and fruits — what about fats??? Your eating
    bacon LOL

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