Lifting Weights Does Not Help You Build Muscle and Lose Fat Your personal trainer and healthy lifestyle coach from, Darin Steen, discusses the reason wh…
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Lets get over 150 likes pleaseee!!!! Building muscle while losing fat is possible but extremely difficult you have to be on point with everything. For beginn…
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50 thoughts on “Lifting Weights Does Not Help You Build Muscle and Lose Fat”

  1. i love that you emphasize the use of the negitive of the weight, my
    questions is do you honestly think you could put on muscle when you are
    eating less kcal than you expent. i believe youre either putting on fat and
    muscle or losing weight (hopefully fat, sometimes muscle when done wrong.)

  2. TheAwesomeAccount666

    yeah, you are supposed to breath in and then exhale. But his exhale was
    bigger than his breath in. lol

  3. What this guy is saying is partially correct, lowering the weight down
    slowly is what builds the muscle but bringing the weight up slowly is kind
    of a waste of time sure it helps build muscle too but not as effective as
    lowering it down so what you need to do is bring the weight up as quickly
    as possible while keeping good form. This will strengthen the muscle while
    lowering it down slow will build the muscle doing this together will make
    you HUGE.

  4. i started lifting 4 months ago weighing in at 275 and lost 65 pounds i did
    slow high reps and lost 65 pounds, i’m 210 with 8% bodyfat 6’3. i’m a big
    guy, but lifting weights does burn fat. if i were to just run when i was
    275… i would probley be 200 pounds right now or 190… all i know is i
    did bulk up + lose weight while i lifted.

  5. LifeFitTraining

    You use different TEMPOS for different responses – mitochondria response
    comes in differing forms – DENSITY, SIZE, ENDURANCE – all builds muscle –
    but in differing ways!!!

  6. He might know nothing about training, but have a really good personal
    trainer or exercise physio who has helped him get into shape, and be
    setting himself up as a Youtube expert. I’m not saying I believe that is
    the case (as he does in fact have a lot of good points which I agree with),
    I just think you should be more skeptical for the reasons *why* you choose
    to believe something – and those reasons should not be about physical

  7. manuaggarwal001

    Nice video! by the way my mother followed this top weight loss program
    named: Impact 790 Diet and decreased 7 kgs within a month. I can’t remember
    the exact site just Google it.

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  9. Alex Los Angeles

    im slowly working into the diet i dont want to lower my carbs just yet then
    i feel tired

  10. yeaa everyone is different i felt like i was gaining strength in the first
    week! but if you want further advice check out tmw for advice im sure they
    have a few videos on it !

  11. hey man i just got creatine today, thinking about 4 scoops for the next
    week to saturate my muscles faster, is that okay?

  12. 123456hahallo123456

    If you instead have good sugars as energy income your body will use them at
    a lower rate and thus release less insulin to eliminate them. So it does
    not make a diffrence which sort of sugar you eat in terms of calories, but
    the bad food will make you take in more calories and make it harder to burn
    fat. There are thousands of such examples proving that is not about eating
    less but more so about eating right.

  13. Hey bro I am following your meals and workout from couple months, I have a
    question though, can you have starchy foods at night like beans while

  14. AnotherDayOfThis

    Hey, great videos, man. I’m looking back at your old videos and notice how
    small and tight your triceps are. I try almost everything to get rid of my
    flabby underarms. What did you do to get them so tone?

  15. dont worry bout creatine loading man it will get in your system soon enough
    just take 3 to 5 grams post workout!

  16. ive heard protein synthesis goes down by 25 percent if your in a calorie
    deficit is this true?

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