Leg Slimming Pilates Butt and Thigh Workout to Lift Glutes & Tone Thighs

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30 thoughts on “Leg Slimming Pilates Butt and Thigh Workout to Lift Glutes & Tone Thighs”

  1. I have a really bulky thighs and butt. Consider it as a fat, yes it’s a
    fat, are these pilates can help slimming my thighs and butt? Help me.

  2. Very nice workout, thank you very much 🙂 I’m up for anything that does not
    include jumping (second floor)

  3. I have really muscly legs (I’ve been working out probably my whole life 😛
    ) but I want them to look thinner. Should I avoid some excersizes? I don’t
    want them to lose their shape :/ could anyone help me on that?

  4. I have been doing fitness blenders 10minutes butt and thigh workout for a
    month. I think it has helped with the butt a little but now I want to work
    on making my legs slim. Is this the right exercise for me?

  5. Hi Guys! We’re busy working behind the scenes on the new 8 Week Fat Loss
    Program Round 5, as well as trying to slow down and take some of the
    rest/downtime we were talking about a few videos back (Poppin’ Bottles,
    Floating, PDA, New 8 Week Program & Site Updates, Stress Management & Near
    Burnout). Are you all having a good summer? We hope you enjoy this new

  6. doing this workout plus arms and tummy everyday and I’m already feeling
    results! 🙂 great exercises, you had me KILLED after 10 min. 

  7. definitely my favourite workout you’ve done. didn’t kill me and i actually
    managed to get through the whole thing :’)

  8. Can I do this one workout for a day and then chose another thigh slimming
    workout from fitness blender for another day or do I do this particular
    workout for a week and then transition to another video the week after? 

  9. The last one almost made me throw up water :/ But this is a great workout
    it kicked my butt and legs! Thank You!

  10. U guys are literally the BEST!! u helped me become more fit and healthy! u
    have the best workout videos and the best advise! and i love ur energy and
    how u always stay positive! thank u so much for all of ur hard work! <3

  11. Natalie Gogosashvili

    Please tell me someone which FITNESS blender workouts are the best for
    getting slimmer inner and outer thighs??

  12. i love your workouts but at the end of the video the last exercise I
    couldn’t lift my bottom half like you do could you tell me why?

  13. Great workout! I was wondering, how many workouts like these should we do
    per day? For instance say I am training legs for the day. Should I do about
    3 of these types of your videos? Thanks

  14. Alia Culbertson

    Anybody has slimmer thighs as a result from following this video? if so,
    can you tell me how long it took, and how well it works?

  15. This is heavenly! My legs feel like they’re about to fall off but it’s
    totally worth it 🙂 

  16. TheChickenRiceBowl

    My legs are already slim so is this going to give me chicken legs? I’m
    already skinny I just want to get stronger, is this going to help me?

  17. I’m so excited for new workout videos! I’m definitely keeping up with my
    training and enjoying my summer :)

  18. Meenoo Thompson

    I love this girls video’s. she’s not annoyingly perky which pisses me off
    cuz i’m not especially happy when I work out lol Her routines are perfect
    for me for endurance and difficulty. She has other videos, I do an abs
    workout and it’s friggin hard which I love.

  19. Kelli, you were reading my mind. When you said “go to your happy place” I
    so need to hear that!! This routine looks simple, but doing…I felt the
    burn. Thank you for this because my knees and lunges are mortal enemies!!

  20. Jacinta Vitale D'Amico

    I am a new mum and I find it hard to make time to exercise. I love how your
    workouts are quick but really work the muscles and I can do them at home
    while bub plays next to me. So glad I found you. :)

  21. There’s a little inconsistency in this video. There’s not a very smooth
    transition, (especially toward the end) in going from one move to the next.

  22. I really felt good after this workout! I wish that you can text me and see
    how I can become a personal trainer and how to be healthy and eat the right
    foods so I can help others as well! Thanks 

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