Lean Hybrid Muscle Workout To Build Muscle & Burn Fat At Home (Part 1 of 3)

Lean Hybrid Muscle Workout To Build Muscle & Burn Fat At Home (Part 1 of 3)

If you’re interested in building muscle or burning fat while training at home, with limited equipment or want an alternative to boring cardio, you’ll really …
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25 thoughts on “Lean Hybrid Muscle Workout To Build Muscle & Burn Fat At Home (Part 1 of 3)”

  1. Phil Profenna

    @VinceDelMonte Yep, I still need to figure out what my Theme wear is going
    to be haha…

  2. Vince DelMonte

    @fitbodynews It depends how big you want to get… If you want mass like a
    bodybuilder, you won’t do it with just bodyweight movements… although a
    lot of females can. Guys do need to get into heavier resistance…
    eventually for impressive size.

  3. that was really great…its just that i am a girl im 21 and i am about
    weight about 110 now and just wanted to know if these workouts would give
    me lean muscle or bulky muscle? i mean is this specified for the men? cuz i
    am 110 now but i still have a couple of inches of belly fat left and need
    to get rid of t hem but am currently at a plateu with my current workout
    program… so if i add these workouts in your 3 videos would this help me
    get lean muslce and burn the last few inches of belly fat

  4. Vince DelMonte

    @LTMagic21 Hey bro… did you watch the start of the video. Elliott and I
    are friends… I’m ENDORSING his stuff and the start of the workout states
    that. Sorry you missed that.

  5. im going to start this tomorrow, never really tried this kind of circuit
    training before

  6. Hey Vince i just want to say thanks to you for iinspiring me! Im a over
    weight and been like that all my life and its time to change! Iv been going
    the gym every day and i feel really motivated and im telling you know i
    will do this! In the gym iv been doing a day of cardio then a day on the
    weights 2 hours a sess. do u think i am going the right way about it? and
    my goal is to 1 day have the body of my dreams! thanks agen JJ

  7. crazyguitarist57

    Vince, will a circuit workout like this hinder my muscles’ ability to
    perform during power-lifting? I’ve always put a strict 3 days of rest after
    every time I work a muscle group. Would you recommend this as something I
    could do every morning, and not hinder my heavy lifting in the evening? Or
    should I do it before a couple days rest?

  8. hurrykaneecko

    @VinceDelMonte 17 and in college now livin like a cheep ass lovedrunk
    student —– 3 or 4 years down the line ill start livin like you do :L

  9. CooksAndLooks

    Well thankyou so much Vince .That looked an excellent workout, I am
    especially grateful for the info about fat burning etc. I am learning and
    loving the gracious and generous elite fitness people that are on Youtube
    .you are all fantastic!!!

  10. @VinceDelMonte thanks a lot vince! been following your stuff for some time
    now and just want to say thanks for all the help good luck on your up
    coming comp as well!

  11. Vince DelMonte

    @pheeson With 35 lbs of fat to lose, yes, put ALL your efforts into fat
    loss. Use weights to help you burn the fat but focus on more metabolic
    style workouts… not ‘bodybuilding style body part” workouts that are
    designed for growth. You need to get at least 25 lbs off first so anything
    that makes you sweat, burn and cry is on the menu. Get your fitness level
    up while you’re at it. Keeping your goals simplified is a key to results.

  12. Great videos, Vince. I would just like to ask, how heavy were those
    dumbells you were using? I’m a 35 year old guy, approximately 14 lbs
    overweight, who is looking to burn off the excess fat and develop a little
    muscle tone. I’ve just ordered a pair or 4Kg dumbells. Would that be
    appropriate as a start for me and upgrade as I progress? Keep up the good
    work, Vince. 🙂

  13. how long do you wait until you do another ciruit? just until your heartrate
    comes down almost back to what it was when you started?

  14. HEY Vince doing a full bodywork like this mean u have to wait 2-3days for
    the DOMS effect to go? before u can work tho’s muscles again?

  15. @VinceDelMonte Hey man.I’m a big fan of yours from Australia and am finding
    your workout tips really helpful. I’m mainly concerned with loosing fat
    around the belly and question is about doing cardio first thing in the
    morning..With no food in stomach or best to eat something first to burn
    fat?.I get a few differing opinions.

  16. Hey vince, just a quick question. Do you think it’s a good idea to do body
    building while trying to lose fat? or is it better to focus on losing the
    fat first and then start focusing on body building. I’m currently 35 pounds
    over weight. and i need to shave those off before September.

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