Lean Hybrid Muscle Review – The Smart Way to Build Muscle Mass

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How to build a ripped and muscular chest: http://sixpackshortcuts.com/rd9b Hey man, it’s Mike Chang and today I’m going to give you the three best tips for b…
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27 thoughts on “Lean Hybrid Muscle Review – The Smart Way to Build Muscle Mass”

  1. NOTHING MATTERS BUT CONSUMING CALORIES. What exercise, what technique, how
    many reps etc, very irrelevant. EAT ALOT OF PROTEIN/FOOD = GROWTH. Very,
    VERY simple. Workout+5-6 meals a day = growth. It’s not rocket science but
    all these guys want to make it seem like that.

  2. For the last tip, does anyone know if doing four sets of incline bench, and
    three sets of flat bench counts as high volume? Or does he mean exclusively
    seven sets of each individual one?

  3. dude, you just blew my mind!!! i always taught to keep my shoulder blades
    together, and never focused on tightening my traps. DAMN! i’m trying this
    on chest day.

  4. Man I have like the skinniest chest in the world and it’s taking forever to
    get any sort of muscle on it.

  5. Julian K your just making yourself look more like a ass. Just stop it’s
    embarrassing. (FACT)

  6. thank you, always wanted to save my fuckin shoulder even though my form is
    perfect still my shoulder gets destroyed on chest day

  7. hello doctor flexing-ton aka Mike I was wondering if you could answer a
    question for me 🙂 does working out before running achieve better results
    even if the run is a bit shorter then usual? I usually run one day then
    work out the next but will combining the two into one day then resting on
    the next day get me closer to my goal? 

  8. Man look how much his back is arched, you’re not powerlifting, you’re
    targeting your chest mikey mike, so keep your lower back pressed into the
    bench boys and girls or you may aswell do decline bench. Another thing,
    people have to stop using that suicide grip (thumbless grip), it is
    extremely dangerous, if the bar rolls off your palms it’ll crush your
    sternum or worse, your throat or face and I’ve seen it happen. Another
    thing is that “mike’s bench tips” are nothing new lol, I’ve seen 100’s of
    videos with the same advice and finally, put a fucking shirt on. Not even
    then best bodybuilders train topless unless it’s for a photo shoot. What a
    loser, how’s that secret chinese herb, Mike? I heard it’s creating a real
    shit storm back in China…. lol

  9. I would start 135lb but if its too hard then go for 130. Since you are
    doing about 70 or 80 reps.

  10. KingTasos24Records

    Bitching bitching bitching, just stop it stupid asses, in every mike chang
    video I see a crying retard.

  11. Justin Sigston

    If I’m doing chest with 7 sets, how do I set up the reps/sets? Usually I do
    4 sets, 235 10-8x 245 8-6x 255 6-4x and 265 2-4 times….

  12. Gameplay Twist

    You should advice people not to do what you did from 2:14 to 2:22 and later
    at 2:43. I had very light weight on my bar and while doing the same my
    shoulder adjusting my shoulder muscle crossed over the bone in a
    dislocation type of way and I dropped the bar on my chest hard and rolled
    to my neck. I can’t even lift anymore because of it and another separate
    shoulder injury on the other side.

  13. Nathan Schmidt

    7 to 8 sets…is there a 7 and a half set? why not just say 7 or 8
    sets…btw you’re wrong about that too

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