Lady of America Body Toning Exercises for Women: Lateral Shoulder Raise with Abs Twist

This is exercise #4 in the Lady of America Online Video Workout Series. This exercise is called Lateral Shoulder Raise with an Abs Twist. For this exercise y…
Video Rating: 4 / 5 visit Exercise for your arms. Tricep pushdowns, Skull Crushers, DB curls. Great arm toning exercises. Videos available at http by Sweat Studiohttp://www.w…
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21 thoughts on “Lady of America Body Toning Exercises for Women: Lateral Shoulder Raise with Abs Twist”

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  2. Glad I discovered this movie. Youtube is perfect for this type of content.

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  4. dakotanorth91

    Funny, she’s lady of America, but she’s not originally FROM America.
    Shows you how healthy we are in the US.

  5. neel boppana

    6pack for women looks hedious.some meat on the abs looks wudnt date hermaphadites

  6. writefromwithin

    Chuch Norris looks under his bed for this woman before he goes to sleep at night.

  7. chrizyljayne

    nice body…i wnt a body like hers…corrct excution and self dscpline cld really make it happen…I bilv that this excrcse cld really mke snse…I’v trd it and it wrks 4 me..tnx

  8. this is how I wanna look, not too muscly and not too skinny, but athletic and healthy looking. I’m slowly getting there

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