Kym Johnson: Jive Dance Workout- Star Fit

Kym Johnson: Jive Dance Workout- Star Fit

[00:42] Rock Step Triple Step [01:36] Swivel Forward Heel Step-Back [02:15] Toe High Kick [03:28] Complete Dance Routine [04:19] Workout Summary/ Recommendation Kym Johnson: Jive Dance Workout from Star Fit is an inside look at some of the key total body-toning cardio dance moves that make up the popular “Jive” Dance, which incorporates characteristics of both the American Swing and Rock-n-Roll dancing styles. This fiery exercise will tone the arms and legs, tighten the abs, strengthen the core, and burn fat through a series of fun, upbeat dance steps that are sure awaken the dancer in you. Get ready to sweat as Celebrity “Dancing With The Stars” Dancer and “Star Fit Host, Kym Johnson takes you through 3 classic step-by-step dance moves that will slim the waistline and sculpt lean and sexy legs and a firm butt. Blast away calories and tighten your midsection with high-energy dance steps like the “rock step triple step” and “toe high kicks.” You might not be a dancer now, but after doing Kym’s Jive you will start to look like one in no time. Look and feel your best as you develop a lean and shapely dancer’s physique with this light-hearted workout from the all new “Star Fit” Series, only on the BeFit Channel. Tune in every Friday for new body-transforming episodes that will get you the results you want. Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. KymJohnsonSite

    I think when we work out, we can choose any music we want to use that’s good for this exercise. So I don’t think´╗┐ you have to use the music they used there. Good exercising! ­čÖé

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  5. hector hernandez

    woman you are off the chart now i gotta look at another chart shit ill make you´╗┐ my trainer anyday

  6. OliviaMarie68

    good idea… but next time tell´╗┐ us how many times / for how long we should do it for. Give us some music that is a good speed to work to.

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