Killer Lower Ab Workout

One workout trick to get a flat stomach FAST: Hey y’all It’s Lindsey with insanehomefatloss and today I’m taking you through my lower ab blaster workout….
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25 thoughts on “Killer Lower Ab Workout”

  1. kinda cute how they had to pause / restart the video between rounds so she
    could rest

  2. Cristal Chavez

    I don’t understand. I’m sure she’s very toned and fit but I can’t actually
    see THE SIX PACK

  3. proofblackops98

    I just don’t eat anything for a moderate amount of days. Longest I’ve gone
    without eating was about 5 days. I lost about 40 pounds in about 1 month
    and 20 days. it was very affective for me, but I was hard at first to get
    used to not eating for a while but after about 2 weeks, your body gets used
    to it

  4. This would be perfect to do after a hard workout, just for that final
    punch! This burns if u do it with the right form!!

  5. menelick bowizzy

    REMEMBER people, this video is edited and she gets some rest in
    between…do not kill yourselves.

  6. Paulette Kurelordpai

    Not what I am looking for. I need something for a real, older beginner.

  7. Why’s my determination of having six pack suddenly changed when i watched

  8. Cindy De kock

    Ive tried this yesterday at the gym and my Abs are a bit sore today I love
    this workout im not as good as you yet but will keep on going THANKS FOR

  9. When I try to do the second workout it hurts my back . What am I doing
    wrong ? 

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