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50 thoughts on “KILLER HOME AB WORKOUT”

  1. +Jerry Reeves Thanks! Glad to have you as a sub. Positive comments are
    always appreciated!

  2. Right on Damien, i love this sit up routine… You explain your exercise
    so perfectly and without all the explicative adjectives… I recently just
    found your channel and I love your info… Keep up the good work
    brother… I am a fan…

  3. Big Ups on your Channel Damien! Your simple and concise descriptions of
    form and technique are a breath of breath air and I love the fact you
    remind folks to drop the ego and focus on form. I have a friend of mine who
    is 54 whom I have been coaching for about 3 months. He asked me a week ago
    to up the intensity, while looking for some split examples I came across
    yours (pull-push-legs, with plenty of supersets) and now he is begging for
    mercy! LOL. Thank you brother, you are inspiring.

  4. Kimberly Cummins

    I really like your videos. I like how you give explanations and tips on
    how to do each exercise correctly.

  5. Hannes Feldstein

    Killer Ab Workout

    Check out this killer ab workout that I like to do as part of my full
    exercise routine. I try to target my abs at least 3 times a week and either
    during one of my workouts or after I finish doing cardio.

  6. I love this abs work out man its really good have a question. Do you have a
    work out DVD”s ?I would love to have your own work out DVD’s

  7. I just started looking at your vids so far I watched your video for the
    traps and this one I’m going to try this ab workout in a few at the gym
    keep up the good videos and if you have a video of the proper food I should
    be eating or just advice I’d greatly appreciate it! I’m not fat I just have
    this tire I need to get rid of and I weigh 211lbs thank you for your tine!

  8. Awesome ab workout video! I am going to definitely use this at the club to
    kill my fistic fam’s abs! BTW- the lighting and sound was great.

  9. Update:

    I am leaning bulking and have been doing this 3x a week for 6 weeks now. My
    abs have gotten strongerand I worked up from only doing 2 rounds ( 8 reps
    each movement instead of 10) to 3 rounds (10 reps each movement) with 60
    sec breaks. I will continue until I can do 4 rounds with 30 second rest,
    then move on to using a 5lb medicine ball instead of body weight. This
    routine works! Thanks Damien! I will update in another 4-6 weeks. Also
    please give out your myfitnesspal if you have one!

  10. Kenneth Williams

    I have several ab super sets but Its always a privilege to pick up new
    combos from a expert. Thanks bro!

  11. Thomas Henderson

    Very Inspirational,I will be following and implementing these videos in my
    Thx Man

  12. I heard a cheeky little fart! Damn I always fart on abs too, especially leg
    raises. Great bid. 

  13. Oliver Portorreal

    I really appreciate the reply and looking forward to your videos. U know ur
    stuff. Keep it up. 

  14. Tried this out and liked it a lot. The beginner variations are great for
    first-timers. Thanks for the workout!

  15. Awesome ab workout will try it tomorrow! I just have a question you look
    natural are you?

  16. Damien how many times per week should I do this workout to see good results
    ? I’m not beginner 

  17. Patrick Saunders

    Maaaaaan!!!!!/In one word. AMAZING. I have never worked out like this. I
    have done countless workouts dude. This ROCKS. 7 days times two!!! Second
    day and my abs are feeling like I actually worked them. Will keep you

  18. This i really good, i am seing some serious results in only 2 weeks, i did
    it 2 times a day and i got as good as a clear sixpack, i just used to be
    skinny before but nowdays i can walk at the beach with pride(if u know what
    i mean) even if i am only 13 it works, and i also recomend to eat alot of c
    vitamin fruits you know so muscle gaining produces faster while “resting”

  19. 13 year old girl an I just did this! Don’t say ahh your too young or ahh
    your a girl, I used to have a six pack when I was younger because I went to
    karate, I was doing 100 push-ups every night at the age of 6! I want it all
    back! I am determined:)

  20. Wesley u might want to switch rooms ure kids rooms is atracting to many 8
    and 11 year kids I feel like this is a kids workout lol

  21. i
    hope this works for me cause im tired of being outta shape 

  22. It took me two weeks and I see my six pack coming! I also cut down on red
    meat and alcohol. I eat chicken fish and veggies. But some days I go Vegan.

  23. Wow, been doing it once every two days and got six pack. I’ve probably
    missed more than 50% of days I was supposed to do and I’m overweight.
    Thanks bro

  24. The Golden Soccer Player

    the idea about the six pack is cool but when you do the extersise it looks

  25. When the workout begins getting easy… Start doing it with your shoes
    on… It will blow your mind

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