Killer 5 Min Ab Workout

How to lose your belly fat: Hi, it’s Mike Chang with insanehomefatloss, Get ready for a quick yet super effective ab workout…
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25 thoughts on “Killer 5 Min Ab Workout”

  1. Holy shit i did this workout and it INTENSE (gets really intense when you
    get to knee to elbow planks).

  2. this is how i like my women , fit , abs , strong , but not like too much
    muscle , and a nice big booty and fit thick legs god damm shes fine

  3. when I was watching this, I said ‘ I wanna fuck her;, and my wife got mad.
    then I said out loud to myself inside voice….inside voice

  4. thank you so much for your videos!!!!!! (: you’re helping me out a lot! I
    feel great! And you’re so tan and beautiful by the way! 🙂

  5. use two paper plates in place of the towels. it’s cheap and it works
    perfectly to slide on carpet.

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