Kids Workout with Paul Eugene

This is a 10 minute segment of clip that I shoot on the spot without any preplanning. A friend ask me to watch his son and I took him to the studio to watch me shoot show. Jeremey ask if he could do something. So here it is.

25 thoughts on “Kids Workout with Paul Eugene”

  1. SuperUltraMegaBOOM

    just do regular sit uos and pussh ups, I’m 11 too and it works for people our age

  2. xbox360fnadic23

    I’m 11 and REALLY need to loose weight! Thank you for putting this on YouTube

  3. Thanks!!! This is REALLY Is Keeping me, in shape! :D Thank you so much!!! :DDD

  4. This is a great workout and thx so much!! i think my buns could turn into a steel!! (not really) BTW Jeremy is a failure and he didn’t do it perfect and he is not awesome it self…

  5. Paul, what is the name of the song playing in the background? I would like to download it for my class. THANKS A BUNCH!!

  6. myfamilyexercise

    I really like the music in this video! I have found that the key to kids exercise is making it fun for them. Not only that, but having a parent get involved will double or triple the chances that they’ll want to do that activity again.

  7. Did this morning with my daughter (5) and son(3)..didn’t finish it because I hurt my ankle not doing the shuffle correctly. (I hurt it about a month ago before, sprain) But my kids loved it! Gonna try it again tomorrow. Thank you Eugene for your unique attitude. I tell my friends about you and tell them you remind me of a Christian Richard Simmons. You are wonderful!

  8. My son 10, and I (45) did this for the first time this morning. It was great fun.

  9. girlybabez101

    I am 12 and I really want to keep in shape for cheerleading, can you do an a lot harder one???????

  10. Hey im 11 and I want to know if I can do something alot harder I need to get in shape for lacrosse and football and I need to get in pefect shape im clueless on what I can do so far I just jog for about 45 mins and I do 8 short sprints but please can you tell me what to do?

  11. PetioBogdanov

    It’s amazing! :) Would you like to tell me what the name of the song is? 🙂

  12. goldenrockshollywood

    omg my im losing my fatness well im not fat cuz i eat burgers sometimes but im a mexican
    in dallas

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