Kids exercise DVD Fit Factor Kids – Fit Kids

What do you get when elite, Fit Kid athletes lead you through six exciting workouts? You get the Fit Factor (TM)! Follow along as our Fit Kids guide you through six fun kids exercise workouts. Finish each kids exercise workout in less than ten minutes to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and learn balance.

9 thoughts on “Kids exercise DVD Fit Factor Kids – Fit Kids”

  1. Great! This looks like the first “for kids” workouts that look really challenging for once!

  2. Sorry. That was just a rough cut that our director posted. Since it wasn’t final, we asked him to take it down. Glad to hear that you were using it though. If you would like to buy the full DVD it is available for $18.95 and free shipping on our Fit Factor Kids website.

  3. MrFitnesslover

    Does your child mimic everything you do? Buy them safe replicas of your fitness gadgets from WODtoys.

  4. haha! i’m watching this with my two year old as we sit and eat a delicious dipped ice cream cone from DQ.

  5. Great inspiration for kids (and parents!). See how this kind of video can help your child in school:

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