Kids Cardio Workout Video and Dance Warmup

Kids Cardio Workout including Salsa steps, situps, jumping jacks and more. Put on some Latin American music or whatever you like and do a routine like this one to warm up before Dance or Sports, or just to do for exercise. You can exercise along with this video too. Thanks Julian for the great exercise warmup lesson!
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20 thoughts on “Kids Cardio Workout Video and Dance Warmup”

  1. Number1Gosselinfan28

    This is great…we call what you call a QDF or something, we call ours DPA, and I only live a couple hrs from you guys!

  2. Troublemaker230

    were doing a school project and we would like to use your video. could we have your email to link to this video. you would still recieve credit. its for a website design.

  3. 4eternityMjfan

    That’s what they called them when I was in first grade,I’m now entering 6th,I’m also going to the UK

  4. you can take the embed code from youtube – the file is too big to send by email

  5. this looks exactly like the warm up my dance instructor makes us do before t he lesson

  6. cutenadiaxoxo

    haha cool uno the thing u call jumping jacks in the uk we call those star jumpes

  7. mileyandashley9788

    haha , it’s fun to do! it does look really easy, but it’s still tiring! :p

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