Kid Fitness Video by The WorkOut Kid Workout Kid is a fun, high energy fitness video specifically designed for children and young adults looking to get and stay in shape. It’s led by the workout kid himself, CJ Senter – the youngest Fitness instructor ever! Prepare to to have fun as CJ and his friends motivate you and your family into action with his exclusive workout routine designed to sculpt your body, boost your energy and build your self esteem. Checkout out our website to purchase volume one of the DVD series Workout Kid was written and directed by Jason Sirotin of ECG Productions. Learn more about ECG Productions at http
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25 thoughts on “Kid Fitness Video by The WorkOut Kid”

  1. i don’t know but should 9 year old kids really have a lot of strength well the ancer to that is no

  2. wow im 9 i wanted to do this in my basement but i thought my mom might come down when i was doing it

  3. Hello there, have you tried out “Belly Fat Blaze” (search on Google for it)? There you will find a beneficial free video. It made it possible for Randy to eliminate his tummy fat. I hope it will help you too…

  4. TheJadenNation

    My Friend Steven (9 years old!) is way more ripped and Does Parkour. I could make a video if you dont believe.

  5. Virginia Nucete

    You should try it anyway! Look, I was ashamed about my family finding me working out and I’m 20 years old. The first time they did, the laughed and teased me because I’m usually really lazy. But the same night after I was done, the asked me to show them the rutine I was following and said that it was a good idea for me.
    So don’t care about what others can say. Excersice is one of the keys for a healthy body, your mom will be specially proud of your determination.

  6. prettypurplemonkey

    I suggest you read up on the topic instead of just relaying old wives tales. It is a myth that working out (specifically lifting weights) stunts a child’s growth. In fact, strength training for adolescents and pre-adolescents is highly recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

  7. check out my channel mecrazylol1 i am going to be like cj one day watch them and like them and subscribe

    1. Yes, I agree with Hobbes I’m starting to feel That’s so great to read! I am glad you took it easy to me, those are the most enbyoajle workouts. (hehe)So, what are you using to measure your heart rate, etc? Do you have a watch? A garmin? Do they do that? I’m clueless but I’d love to be able to keep track of that kind of info!

  8. I have asthma which is making this harder. -.- This video really helped for the first workout! I am going to need a calender for doing this every other day. My thighs are…like…fat. I have a lot of flab on my legs. I can’t wait for the results. My asthma may hold me back on this though. -.-

    1. Angie at Home 18:41Subs: instead of pull ups did ring rows (rigged some Macgyver type rings)And to precott old tailbone injury tried Modified ghd style situps using big chair

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