Kickboxing Workout Exercise Class

Beginner kickbox exercise class. This kickboxing class is designed to give the beginner a great cardio workout and introduce them to basic fitness kickboxing moves. Visit for the full dvd.

25 thoughts on “Kickboxing Workout Exercise Class”

  1. i think she just trains for a nice body 😉 and she definetely reached that goal 😀

  2. strangeaslife

    That is exactly what I was thinking of doing – three times to get a 30 minute workout. Did you find it boring though?

    I notice you did this three months ago – did you keep up with it? Results?

  3. Thanks to everyone who has posted responses to this video. It was filmed about a year ago (3 months after I had my second baby) and my form and strength have improved a lot since then. I appreciate the feedback and the critiques and I plan to make further corrections to my technique because of them!

  4. shes got a wide base haha but i wouldnt blame her shes a twig and if i pushed her she’d fall in a second so good job on form

  5. Very good instructor! I’ve taken taebo and kickboxing for years and some people’s form hasn’t been good but you have good technique.

  6. I agree with Lukasz this is boxercise not kickboxing, in any form of boxing you use your whole body not just the arms for example the hook, you use body rotation starting from the feet through the core of the body into the arms delivering a powerful punch, However this would be a good form of cardio

  7. Me encanta este video!
    Trato de hacerlo todos los dias y estoy deacuerdo con los otros comentarios, son solo 10 min y realmente sudas bastante!
    Love this video!!

  8. wow those are horrible punches those wouldn’t anyone, and the kicks are just as bad

  9. lukasz44lukasz

    Why KICKBOXING workout exercise class??I don t know. This is not kickboxing technique

  10. does this actually help you lose weight no bullshit? sorry its just people post vids on you tube saying all this works! please answer

  11. this is the first time the i see this video and I LOVE IT!!!! i love kickboxing workout exercise….

  12. if your active like this, you are burning calories. So if your dieting properly, and doing some sort of exercise 3-4 times a week, you will lose weight.

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