Kettlebell Bombshell Pilates glute series Lisa Balash, owner of Elite Physiques Pilates and Kettlebell Studio in Las Vegas NV, teaches you proper form on the Reformer equi…
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5 thoughts on “Kettlebell Bombshell Pilates glute series”

  1. @theStrongBodyStudio you are mistaken about that. it is much more difficult
    when you work against the tension in the front as I demonstrated. thanks
    for your comment

  2. theStrongBodyStudio

    Sweetie….your knee and foot look higher than the hip. ALso, it doesn’t
    look like you you pressing as deeply into your glutes as you could if you
    pressed further to the bar…

  3. To the StrongBodyStudio…. it’s just the camera angle…it’s correct she
    knows what she is doing. Excellent instruction!

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