Kettlebell Beginner Workout ~ Tone It Up!

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Detention Workout, Tone It Up!

Printable workout here– Calendar here… Detention Workout, Tone It Up! Tweet us! Subscribe for more! Sign-up for our newsletter Facebook us Music is by Kelley James!!! Check him out at Detention Workout, Tone It Up, toneitup, detention workout, fall fitness challenge, fall fitness workouts, workouts, full body workout, leg workout
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50 thoughts on “Kettlebell Beginner Workout ~ Tone It Up!”

  1. How tall are you Katrina? And how much do you weigh? Cause I wan’t to set a goal, and right now it is to have a body like yours!!! And I’m actually concidering ordering your program! Cause I’m all about being healthy, but its not that motivating to work out, in a country where its allways cold! (I live in Denmark) I hope you guys will answer my question!

  2. thank youuuu for the printable workouts… they are going in my food and fitness notebook 🙂

  3. it’s all about making steps in the right direction 🙂 yes the workouts will help, but for a lifestyle transformation, nutrition is a much bigger part of it! keep doing what you can, and we promise you’ll love the difference every day <3

  4. Start with an 8lb kettlebell, then move your way up as you feel comfortable! give yourself a day between the workout with the 8lb kb, and when you decide you can go heavier 🙂

  5. whoo!! just did this 3x and wow i am whooped but it feels good. 🙂 i really like this workout.

  6. i have a quesstioon(:
    i dont have one of those balls so i was wondering if their is something similar that i can do that will help with the same things? (:

  7. I was told not to do strength training due to joint damage from RA,but I need to gain back the muscle tone it has caused me to lose. Can I use something really light like a can to start with? Thanks for any help you can give me.

  8. for the crunches you can lay down and do them and for planks just regular plank on the ground for like 60 sec or however long you want! 🙂

  9. what’s the name of the song and the group at the end of the video? loved it by the way 🙂

  10. Amanda Kocher

    I love this workout! It’s so good, I can feel the results! haha — Sent From toneitupcom’s AppRats (Facebook App)!

  11. Yes!!! I used to smoke I stopped in June the first week is the hardest but after a month it gets so much better!! =]

  12. do u have any more kettlebell workouts? I love them and want to get back into using mine thanks!

  13. >_< I need to stop smoking so that I can do these workouts again without dying -sigh-

  14. Brenda Figueredo

    So, how heavy do u recommend the kettle-bell should be?? Thanks for this awesome video!! TTU (Two Thumbs Up) 🙂

  15. UnfoldingLive

    Can someone tell me if the Tone It Up Workouts will work if I just follow the videos on U tube without buying the plan?

  16. I absolutely love how you made these exercises doable for beginners! I am now subscribing to your YouTube site! Thanks ladies!

    P.S. Y’all-Found my Kettlebell @ TJMaxx!

  17. Psychotomimesis

    There are definitively advantages of kettlebell but what about disadvantages of kettlebell excersise compared to weightlifting ?

  18. push hard during our workouts, and your heart rate and RER (respiratory exchange rate) will be as high or higher than a cardio workout 🙂

  19. the kettlebell swings will absolutely smoke you!  I have a 15 lb one I bought for about 25$. Kind of expensive but IMO a good investment.

  20. Can you recommend a certain brand of kettlball? I’m unsure which one would be a good investment & I don’t want to get a cheap one that I will have to replace.

  21. beautywithgina13

    What are some good things to eat before a workout? Any specific nutrients, like carbs?

  22. have you thought about swimming? start with one lap, then try for two.. maybe three? keep pushing! you can do it xxo

  23. the great thing about kettlebells, is they are essentially a ball of steel with a handle molded into it! they don’t break 🙂 go get the first one you find! xxo

  24. megansamazing32

    first of all, you both are beautiful and amazing! and my inspiration. nezt, is where in the heck do you film? its gorgeous there!!

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  26. you have to realize that it doesn’t matter what kind of shape you are in, if you want to get better you have to work on it every day! eating healthy, all-natural foods, and challenging yourself physically each day will certainly help! head to toneitupdietDOTcom for a breakdown of exactly what it takes to be in the best shape of your life 🙂 it took you your whole life to get into the shape your in now, same is true for fitness, it takes every day xxo hope this helps!

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