25 thoughts on “Jump Rope Workout Routine – Intense Home Cardio & Toning Exercises”


    so to lose weight should i do this workout everyday? do i need to do any other ones or what do you reccomend ? want to get a bit of muscle too. thanks

  2. FitnessBlender

    Anything that helps absorb the impact of jumping + provides proper foot/ankle support.

  3. FitnessBlender

    That’s all cardio & no strength training = no good. Add in some of our strength training routines to boost your metabolism & you will be better off.

  4. MilicaJedrilica

    From the website: “In just 21 minutes, the average 180 lb man would probably burn 286 calories, while a 135 lb woman will burn roughly 235. ” So, use your weight based on these examples to estimate your calorie burn.

  5. Is the effect of this workout the same for those who finish this workout longer?like for example during the 40 seconds break I usually rest for few minutes and I usually pause this vid often when I get tired

  6. FitnessBlender

    Yeah the warm up probably bumped up your total expenditure. Sounds like you had a good workout!

  7. FitnessBlender

    Even if you are thin, cardio is good for your heart, circulation, etc, etc, ETC…. Bump up your caloric intake, and add some weight training to your routine – we have so many fun lifting routines, take your pick.

  8. Thanks! I used a heart rate watch/monitor (Sportline)… If the amount of calories I burned sounds too high for this workout, could it be because I did a warm up for a plyometric workout?

  9. Hi! I love jumping rope, i used to do it as a kid. Now i am in my 20’s and am becoming very aware of the importance of working out. I am 114lbs and 5’3. I DO NOT want to lose any weight as i think i am too thin, i am looking for ways to tone up and build endurance and feel more energy. Is this workout a good idea if i am not looking to loose weight???

  10. I’ve been doing this three or more times a week for months, but I never used a jump rope. Today I used a rope and whoaaa, that’s intense!

  11. Including a total of 10 minutes to warm up and cool down, I burned 397 calories with this workout!

  12. It’s quite easy for me, I do two minutes per exercise instead of one, but it works 🙂

  13. Will this plus the other jump rope workout,at home cardio, and calorie blasting boot camp workout help me loose belly fat?

  14. Kimberly Chavez

    I believe it’s best if you do it every other day. Even though it’s great exercise, you need to give your body and muscles some time to recover after every workout, especially if you’re barely starting off. Once you are used to the routine and to exercising, then I would consider doing it more often.

  15. FitnessBlender

    That’s fine, it’s good that you are moving at your own pace. As you can, shorten your rest periods.

  16. I wouldn’t say that. The fact of weight loss is that you must burn more calories than you take in. That simply means that you follow a programme of exercise and eat sensibly. If you jump rope in the morning and eat Big Macs in the afternoon, you’re not going to lose weight. Long-lasting weight loss and weight maintenance requires a change of lifestyle if you are starting from being obese or overweight. However, the good news is that it means a happier and more fulfilling life – and it’s fun!

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