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50 thoughts on “Jim Stoppani’s Six-Week Shortcut To Shred Workout – Training Overview – Bodybuilding.com”

  1. On the third week ( without nutrition , but eating healthy ) already have
    great results. This program is a must for everyone who wants to lose fat

  2. I tried my own squats with cardio acceleration- Wow what a difference in
    soreness- Means it works!!

  3. Haven’t seen my abs for 4 years since I was 30, if this don’t bring em back
    I don’t know what will

  4. A lot of people are saying they will get too tired to lift from the cardio
    acceleration. I say if you too much of a baby than go do a different
    workout. This workout is mean for people who do not want to be normal

  5. Starting this program Monday, been trialing the exercises this week , I
    reckon this will be results city!

  6. It’s a great workout just started day 1 of week 2. Lost 5 lb in the first
    week. It works if you follow the workout as directed that’s including the
    nutrition side of it. I don’t expect to be shredded at the end of this but
    expect to lose weight and gain some strength in the process. Check shortcut
    to size if you want to bulk or just find a different program. This one
    works for me, for what I want to do, lose fat and gain some lean muscle

  7. I did the shortcut to size while fat, but I lost a lot of weight. I
    definitely gained muscle mass though. Just trashed my current workout
    routine. Time for another Jim Stoppani routine!

  8. That’s not what i meant, strength will probably be the same i guesse, but
    your heartrate will be through the fucking roof

  9. Was looking at the Nutrition section in the link above. Do I really have to
    take those supplements and do protein shakes?

  10. If you desire to bulk up, you should Google “Six Pack Strike”. They can
    help you get the body you deserve.

  11. I respect him for his PHD and level of intelligence, I agree with the
    concept of the programs and I like it. My only concern would be training
    the shoulder joint with slow eccentric contractions along extension,
    flexion, ad/abduction for 6 days straight for weeks on end with only one
    rest day.

  12. AcceLtheSpecialists

    How is this complicated? You do your set and run in place during your “rest
    period”. If you want something easy then you don’t wanna workout. It’s not
    the program it’s your lazy ass. Go eat some cookies or something, that’s

  13. Many ppl who workout professionally at the gym, have told me these kinds of
    bodies are built by steroids.. I just wanna understand is this TRUE or

  14. Just wondering if I can get some help .i know how to calculate my B.M.R at
    rest but don’t know how to calculate my B.M.R in motion .thanks 

  15. i’m hell curious on how they get their obliques/upper obliques so shredded?
    like what do they do to work them out? what r they called? the muscle that
    comes down from the lats on the side, just above ur obliques, if ANYONE
    knows how to work them out link meeee <3 i've got them but not as spastic
    as these cunts do. its just been from working out and idk what's done it
    haha <3

  16. The comments on this video are hilarious. So many clueless teens that don’t
    understand the first thing about diet tracking, training progression or
    anything related to anything really. They think that these people just wake
    up one day looking like this. If you actually followed Ogus and Lavado’s
    progression to this point they had been dieting down for over 7 months at
    the time this video was filmed, hitting their macros perfectly every day.
    Are they drug-free? No one knows but them, but most of you would be a lot
    better off if you stopped caring and learned the basics of how to get in
    shape before arguing on some silly ass video. I can tell that half of you
    haven’t even gotten through middle school yet with the kind of bullshit I’m

  17. I believe Ogus is natural mostly due to the way he trains which is doing
    what is optimal for natural lifters: focusing on getting stronger and
    hitting everything with reasonably high frequency. If he was on loads of
    gear he most likely wouldn’t do a lower upper offf repeat. It is quite
    possible he is on something to maintain his conditioning.

  18. to be honest, you can get this physique naturally.. Its possible if you
    have superb genetics, if you are going to the gym for at least 4 years, at
    least 7 months of clean dieting, and then you might have this physique for
    1-2 months..
    You CAN NOT sustain this physique for months even years like this guys do..
    That is a instant sign that they are on roids.. Human body is not made for
    operating at 3-4% bodyfat..
    So yes, you can achieve this physique but probably only 1-2 times in your
    life for a short period..
    Anyone who says different is just lying

  19. Why have muscle mass when you can just become über strong like Bruce Lee
    without being huge and ugly?

  20. why is everyone talking about steroids? i’ve been training for only 7-8
    months and my back development is not far from their’s and i have never
    taken anything muscle-enhancing or supplement crap :/ just train f*cking
    hard and eat as much and fat free as you can and i gaurantee that it will
    bring results!

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