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To learn more about Day 2 of Jim’s Trainer go here: http://bbcom.me/HGNrUa Day 2: Back / Biceps / Abs You made it through chest like a champ. If your triceps…
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25 thoughts on “Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut to Size – Back & Biceps & Abs Workout – Bodybuilding.com”

  1. This was a great program, I have 2 more weeks left and it has done me well.
    I will suggest anyone to try this!

  2. Birendra Kumar Mahato

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  3. This is seriously awesome. There’s some stuff in here that i’ve never seen
    before, so watching the form helped a lot. The whole workout is right here!

    PS, i’m jealous. My PhD studies won’t get me buff!

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    google Vixen Fat Loss. They will help you get the body you deserve.

  5. Jonathan Ferguson

    Does Jim Stoppani suggest any cardio for this program? I am on week 3 and I
    do the cardio, row machine as my cardio periodically.

  6. NewWorldOrderFAIL

    Damn I finally come across this video. I’ve got your exercises and
    nutrition PDF saved on my homepage use it every time I go gym. But I’m
    slacking off after 1 month so gotta start from 1 again. Gonna try and get
    at it for whole cycle this time. 

  7. Missionkid, actually you should be doing more wide pullups if you want a
    better V-shape back. Nothing wrong chinups keep goin, just sayin pullups
    are more effective :)

  8. lol @ all the keyboard warriors/experts in here

    this guy is a trainer as well as a doctor he knows more about this than u
    stupid fags who probably don’t even lift.

  9. shouldnt take more than 1h30 to 2h for 2 muscle groups, base your workouts
    on compound exercises, save time by hitting many muscle groups with one

  10. i could never do straight arm pull downs and feel it in my lats. its always
    in my tris

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