Jillian Michaels: Shred it With Weights Workout- Level 1

Jillian Michaels: Shred it With Weights Workout- Level 1 is an explosive, total body, boot camp-style workout routine that offers a unique blend of strength-…
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25 thoughts on “Jillian Michaels: Shred it With Weights Workout- Level 1”

  1. I got this 1 at Christmas to add to my rotation.. I also got “Kettle
    Guards”, to protect my wrists! I LOVE this DVD and it is wonderful!

  2. I have her 2 Yoga DVD’s. But, Jillian is always telling us “You don’t need
    weights”. so this is a little confusing. I have done weight machines at the
    gym for 24 yrs now and do find it beneficial.

  3. Much better than the catastrophic videos she put out some years ago, but
    it’s still very bad form. I guess celebrity trainers should not be followed
    just because of the hype surrounding them…

  4. Ricardo Jacobs

    Did anyone notice at 5:36 she mistakenly hit her cooch with the kettle bell
    and had to walk it off :D

  5. Hi Jillian, My goal is to shed 40 lbs. I am following your work out for
    past three days.

  6. BestWayLoseBellyFat

    Nice workout…diet is the most important thing when it comes to toning up
    and losing fat…keep that in mind

  7. just wondering if anyone would break their wrist from doing that snatch
    move at 24:00 I can understand doing it normally but when Jillian told that
    girl to do it, it looked as if that girl could break her wrist.

  8. Julie Pastore

    the first time i did this I felt awesomely sore the next day. the second
    time, though I was able to keep up better – no soreness, (no muscle growth,
    right?) the third time, my back aches like crazy the next day (again no
    muscle soreness/growth). How to heal my back? was I doing it wrong? 

  9. It seems like that swinging of the weight would harm your joints, and hips
    and seems to be a bad form as you shouldn’t pick weights up in this way.
    When you are lifting weights, you need adequate support so that you don’t
    injure your knees, hips, back, etc.

  10. I love this video. I’ve never done kettle bell before, but I tried the
    Single Arm Squat and Swing 11:23. That *ish is the truth on your obliques.

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  12. I thought level 1 would be very easy… but it was quite good and you do
    work up a sweat. Fab Jillian… thank you..

  13. coachtaskmaster

    Let’s see… Her swing is questionable, at best. The press is executed as
    a push-press. She executes a bent press (improperly) and calls it a
    windmill. The Turkish get-up is such a mess, it’s hard to know where to
    begin. Finally, the snatch technique is wrong on every level (check out
    the girl in back, blasting her forearm at the top of every rep). The moves
    are all weak and disconnected. I would challenge her to use even a 16kg
    kettlebell for any of the moves she demonstrates. Jillian needs to get
    proper training, from a legitimate authority, on how to use kettlebells.
    This is marginally effective, compared to the proper method, not to
    mention, irresponsible and unsafe!

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    utilize your gift.

  15. caupolicanish

    This is the best way to get injuries with higher weight kettlebell. Don’t
    do this at home. Come upon a Strongfirst kettlebell instructor to avoid

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