Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat Boost Metabolism Complete Workout

Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat Boost Metabolism Complete Workout

Jillian Michaels: Banish Fat Boost Metabolism Complete Workout is an intense calorie-blasting, total body-sculpting exercise series that is made up of 7 card…
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  1. I’ve been doing this workout since August now. Along with maintaining a
    healthy diet…I’ve lost 18 pounds. 2 more pounds to go. It really does
    work. Just be consistent, and get it done. Best of luck ya’ll. 

  2. Hello people, can anyone of you suggest me good weight loss program for my
    wife? She has big problems with obesity and she has tried a lot of methods
    and tips but nothing really worked in her case. Moreover she deals with
    “yo-yo” effect now, she is gaining pounds again… If anyone knows any
    proven weight loss program, please suggest! Thanks in advance

  3. REVIEW: So… I did this work out for 28 days.. I hurt my right arm so I
    didn’t do it one day and the other day I was just lazy.. IT HELPS. At the
    beginning I lost fat from love handles, then my thighs, then my face got
    slimmer, theeen I saw a butt forming and that’s the end. Ima go do another
    workout so my body doesn’t get use to it then come back. HOWEVER, I weight
    myself and it said I gained a pound but idc cus I know I look better. I’m
    getting curves…hehe

  4. I absolutely loved this workout. I danced for an hr prior to doing this
    workout and unfortunately was only able to do up until 36:42 but loved it
    either way. It was challenging but not overly challenging and it made me
    push and sweat! I will be doing this along with weight training, dancing,
    and 30 day squat challenge :-). THANKS!!!

  5. TheModernMuslimah

    I have knee problems.. my right knee aches and is in a lot of pain when I
    do these exercises, what should I do?

  6. I’ve been searching for 3 months for the perfect at-home workout that will
    work my full-body (I’ve tried Zumba, Pilates, and even The Biggest Loser
    for Xbox Kinect) and I am glad to say that after endless searching I have
    finally found it! This workout is intense and leaves my entire body sore
    the next day, so I know it’s really working! I am able to make it until the
    end but circuit 6 or 7 (the one with jumping squats) kills me! So I do most
    of those exercises modified. My goal is to be able to complete this video
    with no breaks at full-throttle effort by June 27th!

  7. Justaguyyoutubin

    6 million 700 thousand fatso’s watched this video HAHA. Anyways this
    workout is awful. I did it for like 7 days and didnt see any results yet
    when I tried intermittent fasting I lost weight almost immediately. I dont
    even have to workout I just dont eat and BAM – results. Guess what? Ive
    never looked so good. Instead of being sore all the time im just a bit
    tired but that goes away when I get looks from the people! keep being fat

  8. I’m not even trying to lose weight I’m just toning up, Jillian Michaels is
    great because I haven’t changed my diet to eat less (although I try to eat
    healthier as in more fresh food), I just exercise more and Im so happy with
    how strong I feel now.

  9. this is what healthy is so all those young girls if you wan to lose weight
    exercise do not starve yourself ok? ok.


    If we focus on our health, including our inner health, our self-esteem, and
    how we look at ourselves and our confidence level, we’ll tend to be
    healthier people anyway, we’ll tend to make better choices for our lives,
    for our bodies, we’ll always be trying to learn more, and get better as
    time goes on.

  11. Jeniffer Galvan

    Her workouts really work!
    I was 115ibls and went down to 95ibls.
    It’s been three years and with a good diet I’ve only gained 5ibls since.

    I’m 5’1 and very petite, in case you think those numbers are too low. 

  12. Is this workout enough for your full day exercise?
    im 14 and way 104 pounds. Is this a good workout for me?

  13. Wow, I actually finished this for the first time I did it! It was hard, but
    try to push yourself and you’ll get there :). Hardest part was the planks.
    And TOO MUCH JUMPING!! lol

  14. I’ve been doing this for about a month now and have lost 20 pounds:)
    Of course with healthy eating as well! I would even do it twice a day
    sometimes, it gets easier trust me, you start to memorize the workouts and
    you eventually just zoom through it. (of course dead every time!)..Hope
    this helped

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