24 thoughts on “Jillian Michaels Abs Mini Workout”

  1. Can someone tell me what 7food nees to avoid ? I love this vd because it
    works but I want flat abs fast.pleaseeeees

  2. finally the trainer who trained Jillian has written an ebook PLEASE TYPE IN
    JILLIAN MICHAELS THE TRUTH and then please click on the link in the videos
    description thanks!!!!!!

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  5. For every 10 minutes of exercise i do with her, means 10 minutes of COD

  6. Adam Terrazas

    Looks easy, but it’s not. A person has to be dedicated to their own mind
    and body to do any workout. Confidence in you will prove that anything is

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  8. Chill Jill Micheals you’re the most inspiration sexy hard bodied Goddess.
    You make me wanna drop and give you Good & Plenty.

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