Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack Abs Workout- Level 1

Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack Abs Workout- Level 1 is a fierce fat-blasting abdominal workout that employs a sure-fire combination of core-focused cardio…

50 thoughts on “Jillian Michaels: 6 Week Six-Pack Abs Workout- Level 1”

  1. Athlean-XX for Women

    As a company striving to celebrate strong women, we love Jillian Michaels!
    She’s such a positive role model, and what an awesome workout this is!

  2. beadsandglitters

    my new year challenge 🙂 On january 6th i’m starting my six-packs abs
    workout… are you with me??

  3. I think it´s easier to start with 30 days shred – 10 workouts level 1, 10
    days level 2, 10 days level 3 and than six week six pack

  4. Belieber nowandforever

    Feeling absolutely good after doing this with no breaks! All you need is

  5. am working on this, just wondering what weight do you guys use for the
    advanced version? thanks for reading, good luck everyone!

  6. Abigail Johnson

    its my first time doing this… and im telling you.. .. its working soo
    much.. i can feel my absominals tighter

  7. Ladies you all look awesome. I do Yoga and my abs and side lats looks
    similar to this six-pack workout. This will give you the abs many of you
    are looking for. I see many Yoga discipline in this workout. People, just
    stick with it, but you have to make a commitment to do it every day to get
    the results you want. Together with a moderate diet; you all will
    succeed. Keep the faith.

  8. its kind weird to me to do some of the things that i saw.. please let me
    know if there is out there Man stuff that is easy as this Video, with out
    putting to much time and effort..

  9. if you have the same problem i had; which was my ribs really awkwardly
    sticking out; this workout will definitely help you, my ribs don’t stick
    out anymore. This exercise video helped my buildup mucscle over my ribs
    just by doing it 6 times a week. Thanks Jillian!!!

  10. Porsha Alford-Smith

    I can’t download much of this but I was sweating on what I could. My goal
    is to be able to download the entire workout. 

  11. Crayolaneesha Crayons

    I am so out of shape, oh my goodness! I used to do Fitness Blender
    exercises, and I don’t remember them being so hard! Thank you guys so much!
    I need to make this a routine. 

  12. i’m 13 years old. do you know what excersise that helps me not only lose
    weight but also increase height? thank you so much :D

  13. on my second day of this routine…all i can say is loving it…can i have
    some more please sir…thank you

  14. LittleFunky2011

    Okay, it’s official, I will never be able to finish this particular
    exercise! I’ve tried so many times, but it’s not working. I was doing the
    toe touch crunches, and I heard a popping sound in my neck! Like Giang
    Nguyen, I’m pretty young (except I’m not 13 until May) and I’m already
    concerned about my weigh (it’s a long story. I’ve already decided that I’m
    bloated since I’m not fat, chubby, or skinny). Are there any exercises out
    there that won’t pop my neck and that is suitable for my age group?

  15. I’m 13 and have been doing these exercises since July/august time and
    they’ve helped me a lot!! I’ve never been overweight but I’ve broken a lot
    of bones this year and doing this has made up everything I would’ve done if
    I didn’t break anything. I’m recently discovering that this is building up
    my muscle tone & it’s great for cheer!! so thank you so much for this & do
    you have any more of these that are maybe a bit more challenging or does
    anyone know anywhere else? thanks!!:)xx

  16. Hi, i am 17years of age ; i haven’t done any form of exercise in about 2
    years. How quickly would I see results in doing this exercise and , is it
    ok to do cardio after (running on the treadmill for a while after). Also,
    when you do suggest i do this exercise ;morning or evening?

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