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How to Gain Mass In Your Biceps

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Jay Cutler is a Personality, Celebrity Bodybuilder, People Person, Humble
    human being…the Best of the Best. God bless you Always!

  2. They should do one of these for JASON GENOVA. He is a true champion and
    will be next IFBB pro.

  3. Hiya, have you seen Morsch Muscle Madness? (Google it) You will discover
    the serious crimes we commit against ourselves. With Morsch Muscle Madness,
    you will discover how to get ripped fast.

  4. so much talk about steroids well my question is how many of those people
    actually know how steroids work? do they know their purpose? cause a lot of
    people simply assume you inject and grown 365 days a year, well thats sooo

  5. i did’nt want to waste my time looking at the whole thing,did he say what
    kinf of steroid does he take??and where we can get those

  6. waylon charbonneau

    33:21 to 34:10 spoken like a true champion. Humble and hard working. Long
    live Jay Cutler :)

  7. While watching the slo-mo of Jay doing his cannonball, I thought two things.
    1.) He’s not gonna make it.
    2.) I’ve never seen someone empty an entire swimming pool with just one

  8. Lockheed Martin

    Greatest bodybuilder of all time ??? He Think ??? Sorry even not in the top
    5. Coleman was on stage even heavier then Cutler off season. And at his
    height Victor Richards is unbeatable also much better physique. 

  9. Jay changed the face of bodybuilding, the first to bring out a dvd showing
    his life, the first to make a clothing line, he made bodybuilding available
    to the wider audience. He’s the reason why Phil Heath is so good. Hope he
    continues into the 2014 season.

  10. What the fuck? ” I am the greatest bodybuilder ever”.. Lol what are you
    smokin you over sized hippopotamus? Arnold, Ronnie, lee etc all way better

  11. You are fucking retarded if you think you can compete in a respected comp
    without gear. Every single pro takes gear it’s not an unfair advantage if
    everyone is on it. Everyone has there own goals his was to be huge and he
    reached his goal,for you to hate on that is rediculous he worked 24hours a
    day on his body that’s a huge commitment. My point is nomatter what goals
    you have if its to be the fastest person alive or the smartest do whatever
    you can do to reach that goal because a weak minded or weak willed person
    will never have what it takes. And if you never used steroids don’t comment
    on them cus you really don’t know shit.:)

  12. HairNailsBeautytips

    You are so right! Started workout and I feel much stronger and flexible. I
    will try you method. Thanks Elliott! 

  13. Elliot is the most knowledgeable/informed fitness YouTuber in my humble
    opinion, hey guys check out my YouTube channel to help support the fitness

  14. But wt about fast twitch muscles like hamstrings!! They need abut low reps
    n volume with heavy weights!

  15. So for muscular gains, time under tension is more important than gaining
    strength and lifting more weight? Is no one going to argue against this?

  16. So true so true. I also lack strength but I have “massive” arms for an
    amateur. Just because I do EXACTLY what he says and I did it for a pretty
    long time. I see guys in my studio who look like nothing compared to me but
    fuck it they are strong. 

  17. Imagine getting rid of weight fast? Well Fast Fat Furlong did exactly that
    for me. Try it for yourself, just search the phrase Fast Fat Furlong.

  18. Brilliant stuff Elliott. Even more glad to hear that you support Mentzer’s
    philosophies. I’m a big fan of his and your videos are on point. 

  19. gained about an inch on my arms within the last 8 months. what worked for
    me – 3-5 sets of 3 exercises (elbows behind, mid, and above body). heavy
    5-8 reps for at least 1 or 2 of these, rest 8-12, try to add weight weekly
    if possible. after this i do a burnout, either ezbar dropsets i call
    “marathons” (3 diff grip positions, then lower weight, repeat 60 lbs, 50,
    40, 30, 20, dont rest till the end) i normally do 3 marathons, (each takes
    about 2 minutes) or superset with triceps, nearly endless sets (i dont
    count) until they feel like they could no longer be engourged with blood.

  20. Dude you have some of the most informative videos ever. I have learned more
    in the first 2 minutes in your video than I ever have on any other channel.
    But why is your shirt off?

  21. my physical education teacher was right.
    rest less
    start the rep as fast as you can
    high weight
    low rep & high set
    count to four on the way down.

  22. This put it all together for me. I always thought the power lifting was
    how you gained mass but after watching this I changed things up a bit For
    example on arm day I start with bicep barbell curls wide grip super setted
    with seated dumbbell curls wide grip, then after I got to the preacher
    bench and do curls super setted with reverse curls and the only rest I take
    is the time it takes to change the weight, I have gained a half inch to my
    arms in 6 just a few months

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