Jane Fonda: Lower Body Stretch- Primetime Health

Jane Fonda: Lower Body Stretch- Primetime Health is an effective series of stretches that can be done right from your chair at the office, and are designed to lubricate the joints and alleviate tension that can build up in the lower back, hips, legs, knees and ankles as a result of sitting for long periods of time. Hollywood Legend and Fitness Guru, Jane Fonda takes you through 3 simple stretching techniques that she swears by in order to maintain flexibility and joint health. Try this soothing, 5 minute workout and avoid allowing bad habits and incorrect ergonomics lead to injury or discomfort. Lengthen your muscles and promote proper blood circulation with this helpful exercise from Jane’s new “Prime Time Health” Series. Be sure to tune in to BeFit every Tuesday for all new episodes!
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10 thoughts on “Jane Fonda: Lower Body Stretch- Primetime Health”

  1. Buff Isbetter

    These are basics and great to be reminded of! ..i love the leg over the knee excercise..i forgot about that one, but its such a great booty stretch!

  2. alissa larzen

    I’m in my 20’s and I’ve already noticed myself becoming less flexible than I was just a couple years ago..Its not good to feel stiff, at such a young age…Glad that you guys are posting a video that addresses this important part of fitness!

  3. I cant believe how in the last year or so ive suddenly without warning got old ,lol I used to do all jane fonda workouts and be able to do one after the other , now im reduced to doin workouts for old haggard ppl I hate it ,lol

  4. this is just fantastic! im retired now, but i do these everyday at home! great physical therapy for me!

  5. Awesome Alissa! We’re glad you’re enjoying it. Stretching is so important 🙂 Please keep commenting and letting us know what you think!

  6. There is something about Jane’s workouts that is just so relaxing and motivational. I like how anyone can do these workouts and theyre beneficial to everyone! Love you Jane.

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