Jane Fonda: Key 3 Exercises- Primetime Health

[00:45] Chest Presses [01:39] Standing Squats [02:41] Single Arm Row Jane Fonda: Key 3 Exercises- Primetime Health is a short but effective series of 3 workout moves that are designed to keep you tight and toned even when you are short on time. Hollywood Legend and Fitness Expert, Jane Fonda takes you through this unique workout that will target and tone your abs, arms, chest, back, shoulders, butt, and legs through a combinations of squats, chest presses, and arm rows that can be done anywhere using a light set of weights or bottles of water and a chair. Firm up as you look and feel your best with these exercises that Jane swears by to stay in shape even when the schedule gets hectic. Burn fat, build muscle, and slim your waistline with this red carpet-ready workout from Janes all new “Primetime Health” Show on the Befit Channel.

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