Jane Fonda: Good Fat Vs. Bad Fat- Primetime Health

Jane Fonda: Good Fat Vs. Bad Fat- Primetime Health

Jane Fonda: Good Fat Vs. Bad Fat- Primetime Health exposes the truth about fatty foods. Are healthy fats just an oxy-moron, or are there actually fatty foods…

24 thoughts on “Jane Fonda: Good Fat Vs. Bad Fat- Primetime Health”

  1. I did’nt watch it was on my home page because i sub to this channel. dont
    care what she has to say. after i read that.

  2. what a load of propoganda, GI Jane… I love Fonda but this is pure
    shite… new info reveals that the primal diet is best and a sustainable
    local one including, TA DAH… lard, suet, butter and such… we’ve been
    fed a load of crap, Americans…

  3. After reading about saturated fat is good for you several years ago, my
    wife and i started to cook everything with lard and butter, ate heaps of
    fatty meat, eggs and deepfried with meat fat. Last week she had a post
    pregancy blood test and the doctor was really impressed with her numbers.
    Except low vitamin D. Im about to sit down to bacon and eggs now, bye.

  4. she has done alot for fitness but, ever since what she did to our troops in
    Vietnam i have no respect for her.

  5. SaturatedFatsLover

    Thanks mokugin81!! If anyone wanna know the truth about saturated fats and
    bad reality about unsaturated ones please check Ray Peat, Broda Barnes and
    Barry Groves websites!! our grandparents, their grandparents,etc.. did eat
    Mainly Animal saturated fats and tropical saturated fats so How comes we
    are here and then suddlly Only in the last 50/60 those fats are bed?? All
    the best

  6. SaturatedFatsLover

    NOT TRUE!! vegetable liquid oils ARE NOT essential!! the claim “essential
    fatty acids” is a big scam.. our body can and so does convert some of the
    carbs/sugars and proteins we eat in2 Saturated and MonoUnsaturated Omega9
    fats..our body Never produces polyusaturated fats/olis not because its
    silly but Actually because those oils/fats are Highly Toxic and must be
    avoided as much as possible..

  7. its really SAD and i wanna repeat.. SAD to see so meny people clicking like
    when sooooo meny bad nutrition infos are given here and who knows how much
    money this lady got paid to say those BS!! tottaly agree with what
    SaturatedfatsLover said!! Im clicking DISLKE!!!

  8. SaturatedFatsLover

    HDL and LDL are LipoProteins(high and low dencity) that carry cholesterol
    in the blood,but They AINT cholesterol and they aint good or bad!! the
    liver produces cholesterol and those proteins carry it in the blood
    where/when needed.. However too much smal ldl and high level of c reactive
    protein and insuline resistance are the problem for heart health!! The main
    fat around the heart is Saturated because its highly protective so is

  9. frederick minis

    My last physical ( 2 months ago) had elevated cholesterol levels ( still
    within the safe range but higher than the desired)…I’ve heard that a
    couple glasses of red wine helps lower cholesterol ….I think a study done
    of french people ( who eat tons of butter, sugar and meat fats) actually
    had safe cholesterol levels because of their high wine consumption …I
    gave up drinking 10 years ago, so, you never know , I ain’t gonna start
    drinking again !!!!

  10. During the Viet Nam war, Jane went to the enemy’s side – Communist Viet
    Cong – and thumbed her nose at the American troops.

  11. Hi Jane, I have been a fan of yours since the early 1980’s. At lunch time,
    my co-workers and I used to work out to your exercise video and really feel
    the burn! We kept ourselves in shape and had fun doing it! You have been an
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