Jane Fonda: 5 Minute Upper Body Stretch- Primetime Health

Jane Fonda: 5 Minute Upper Body Stretch – Primetime Health is a short series of stretches that can be done from your chair at home, or in the office, and are designed to relieve tension from the neck, shoulders, forearms, hands, and fingertips. Hollywood Icon and Fitness Expert Jane Fonda takes you through this 5 minute exercise that will improve posture, lubricate joints, and prevent injuries caused from improper ergonomics. Jane explains a few simple techniques that you can try in order to avoid letting bad work habits turn into negative health issues. Try this simple, but effective stretching combination from Jane’s new “Prime Time Health” Series to reduce stress and turn your desk into a comfort zone. Be sure to tune in to BeFit every Tuesday for all new episodes! Video Rating: 4 / 5

16 thoughts on “Jane Fonda: 5 Minute Upper Body Stretch- Primetime Health”

  1. averagejohn1232004

    For resistance training, do bodyweight exercises or use dumbbells. There’s no need for fancy gym machines.

  2. I just got off the airplane and I have so much tension in my body, I should have done excercises like Jane showed here.

  3. Caroline Sederowsky

    These are great excerices to just start the day with or a study break while in school. thanks Jane

  4. alissa larzen

    Wow. I totally am going to do these everyday. I already feel more relaxed and ready to push through the day. This is like getting a little massage in, while at the office.

  5. Chris Cipollini

    Do some research before you post stupid comments. I know thinking is probably not your strong suit.

  6. prinsesbibitje

    I actually bookmarked this page, so I can always find it in two clicks. (liked and favourited too)
    It really helps, too bad I didn’t see this a month ago, at the begining of the exams.

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