James Ellis – How to build mass

James Ellis PROTEINBLITZ video blog.. James answers Facebook questions about how to build mass? Do you have trouble building it up?
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9 thoughts on “James Ellis – How to build mass”

  1. Hello James, I’m just curious. What is your weight/height? What weight do
    you cut down to for competition?

  2. ☮яεк☤ℳαтυяε℃♄αᾔᾔℯł

    Im 15 i was weigting 55 kg and about 3 weeks of eating meat allmost 3/4
    times a day i gained 5 kg

  3. For someone who is from the meathead group and probably has a huge ego (as
    all muscle marys do) he is actually quite polite and well structured in his

  4. BehindTheCurtain0

    Have you ever heard of how2muscleguide? They’ve got lots of tips.
    Definitely worth checking out.

  5. mattyfitness noy

    muscle growth its 8 to 15 reps yer? then my bodybuilder trainer says 10 to
    15 reps or even 10 to 20 reps, but i would wana do 10 to 12 reps wha you
    said, but lets just say i done 12 reps fr the first set the 2nd set il get
    like 9 reps then 3rd set i get like 6 reps, and i even have lik 2 mins rest
    between workout sets, so what should i do ? thanks 🙂

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