Is Strength Even Necessary to Build Muscle?


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50 thoughts on “Is Strength Even Necessary to Build Muscle?”

  1. Good video. Hard to have best of both wo one suffering but yes.

    Use the big 4 lower rep heavier, and lighter higher rep shit on assistance

  2. Got a Sunday video answering the basic yet essential question: is strength
    even necessary for building size?

  3. I’ve been training a bodybuilding split with focus on strength for the last
    five years consistantly. I can pec fly, lat pulldown + row, and lateral
    raise way more than any guy in the gym; infact rep full set more than a
    machine can hold (already broke two calbes) never training for the “pump”
    ..but my size has grown very modestly.

    Don’t know if it’s due to training, or my ectomorph genetics, but some
    people say focusing on strenght and progressive overload trains the CNS
    more than the muscle hypertrophy.

    Btw, I’m not ignoring free weight compounds and the big three of course.

    I’m really tempted to try the “bro” short rest times/pump/switch different
    excercise trainig to see if there is any difference, but since most
    science guys on youtube don’t advise this broscience trainig I’m not sure
    if it’s worth it.

  4. Maybe I didn’t understand correctly, but doing 1-5 reps is better than 6-12
    purely for building muscle? 

  5. El Idrissi Yasser

    Omar good vid man, i was just wondering 0:58 what muscle fibers type do
    mean? can u refer me to some highly intelligent bodybuilding/anatomy book?
    i would really appreciate studying the “types” of fibers and how to hit em,
    etc, thanks man. 

  6. Myofibrillar Hypertrophy is where it’s at. Go for that…I wish I had known
    that when I was younger (I’m 52). My biggest regret in my 37 years of
    weight training isn’t that I didn’t lift HEAVY for all those years, and
    ONLY went for “The Pump” at 8-12 reps. Go HEAVY you young guys. 

  7. I can say first hand that if you neglect the strength component and only
    focus on hypertrophy you will waste a lot of time in the gym. Will you
    build muscle? Yes but progress will be a lot slower than it should be. 

  8. Seriously thank you omar for not rambling for an hour like elliot. I love
    you lol

  9. Omar, will calf raises help increase my bench? In theory it will increase
    leg drive.

  10. u train like a half powerlifter so u say its optimal but we all know its
    not neccesarily needed
    look at the pro bodybuilder never talk about benching x pounds but focus on
    hyperthrophy coming with high volume many excerises and sets
    yes u can train in a mixture since strength is nice to have but it has
    actually very minimal effect of visual muscle growth

  11. AboveElevated

    I’ve gained lots of muscle with strength stalling, seriously. I keep
    growing, yet still weak as shit. 

  12. All my main lifts, I work in the 1-5 rep range while my accessory /
    isolation work is all done in the 8-12 hypertrophy rep range. I find this
    balance to work well for strength and size gains

  13. Not just optimal….but isn’t it necessary? Just thinking about in simple
    terms…when the muscle rebuilds itself, it come back stronger/tougher, so
    doesn’t it logically follow that you either need to increase volume or
    increase weight (Both regarding to strength) to break it down again so you
    can keep building more muscle?

  14. You should do stuff like Christian Guzman , like do vlogs and stuff and
    video you working out that would be awesome

  15. Some legendary words of wisdom….
    ‘I dont wanna be strong, i wanna be massive… I wanna look like i can lift
    heavy’ vince g

  16. Anthony Intensity

    Having muscle mass and no strength is like wearing a strap-on…. all show
    and no-go.

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  22. you shount recomend deadkift and squats to beginers! hahha it could snap
    the shit up in there backs

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