Intensive Cardio Exercise Workout by Con

Go to www.conikitv.comwatch Niki shrink into a SEXY BIKINI BEACH BABE. Follow Con & Niki’s daily interval workouts and exercise routines, exercise how to videos, healthy recipes, the world famous rapid fat loss and detox diet. Try our breakfast lunch dinner day off lean fat loss recipes. Distributed by Tubemogul. Niki & Con show how using hiit high intensity interval training can help you transform your body. Some people use p90x insanity body for life , some follow zuzanna of charliejames1975 or other channels however that might be too advanced for you, instead we focus on exercises that we can do. Killer 550 rep or 600 rep workouts might be too hard or too long. With the use of a gymboss timer powerblocks or your own bodyweight and calisthenics our routines help build incredible physiques tight round booty ripped abs all part of a voluptuous sexy feminine top heavy yummy mummy physique Whether you want upper lower core abs six pack chest back thighs quads biceps triceps shoulder or delts, cardio aerobics interval tabata or whatever, we use them all. Achieve that sexy voluptuous curvy bootalicious body like erica campbell lady gaga keisha madonna beyonce rihanna britney kim kardashian . Watch Niki’s sexy slideshow video on googletv google tv Find us using the following keywords like fit fitness girl sports cardio intensity workouts workout home tone shape up videos exercise exercises training abs muscles lean fat loss body weight crossfit strength best
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19 thoughts on “Intensive Cardio Exercise Workout by Con”

  1. Real 6 pack abs don’t need to be flexed. You either have them or not and the only way to see them is to be very LEAN. As we said before, that is the Brutal Truth of it all.

  2. Generally speaking, if you can pinch an inch of fat around your mid section then the answer is a definite NO. An inch would take about 10-12 weeks of proper dieting and exercise to get real abs. This is The BRUTAL Truth ! It’s easy to lose weight but if you do you will just put it back on eventually, you should focus on losing FAT whilst keeping or building Muscle if you want more permanent gains. That’s the TRUTH. Hope that answers your question.

  3. click the link and go to the website , click on WORKOUTS, CON’S WORKOUTS, and it’s about the 22nd or 23rd video on page one. There are tutorials and all the details you need on the blog to do the workout properly. Hope that helps.

  4. Do the work, eat healthy nutritious food, be sensible, and abs appear for everyone. Fact !

  5. even flexing lol? i have a pinch of fat on my abs and i pretty much got a 6 pack…

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