Intense Cardio Exercise Workout by Niki

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26 thoughts on “Intense Cardio Exercise Workout by Niki”

  1. In this I workout will burn approximately 200 calories over it’s duration however it will burn another 400 calories after the workout whilst the body pays it oxygen debt. Our workouts are intense for us and hence overloads our bodies causing the body to try to continuously adapt hence the continuous increased calorie burn after the workout as well as the increase in metabolic rate which adds to the calorie demand over time. This means FAT LOSS and MUSCLE building, it’s all good !

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    That guy is a pervert with the camera. He kept putting the camera towards her butt

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  7. In the 21 minutes of video there are moments where Niki is doing an exercise called BOOTY CURLS and this exercise is designed for you guessed it the BOOTY. So, if you want a ROUND and FIRM booty Jessica then this would be a great exercise for you. You can also watch our TUTORIAL on this routine so you can perform each of the exercises properly and especially the BOOTY CURL which is quite challenging. Check it out and have a great day.

  8. It’s not intentional, it’s just how I sound when I am pushing myself. Does it really sound like that ?

  9. It’s amazing when I look at myself in this video and watching how hard it was for me to do these exercises knowing that I am so much better now. We’re glad you liked ! so give it a Thumbs Up, Comment, and then SUBSCRIBE for notification of our daily uploads. Thanks

  10. this wouldn’t even get my heart rate up, but whatever. The point, don’t call it a push if it ain’t. Those are lovely elbow bends, not push ups.

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  16. We have videos covering 15 levels of push ups and all with tutorials attached so put a sock in it first, check it out second, pull the sock out third, and then tell someone who cares. Elbow bends !

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