Insane Abs Workout Special Edition

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50 thoughts on “Insane Abs Workout Special Edition”

  1. Been doing Jillian Michaels and Cassey’s PopPilates: didn’t find this
    challenging at all. What is up with all the rests?

  2. I’ve been doing my abs workout through P4P Since January of LAST year. And
    man, I LOVE the way my abs look. When I found out this was on YT, I was
    like, “whhhhaaaaa?!?!?!” And started off with this video. OMG, This is hard
    as hell, but I love how it makes your abs SCREAM and your fat cry! LOL XD

  3. I can’t do crunch elbow towards knee – alternated, been doing level 2
    workout for 2 months. Could someone help me?

  4. This is amazing i seen the changes in 2 months its near to six abs thank
    you noobs must watch this video i consult a trainer and he is ok with this
    steps g2g for gym.

  5. I find level 3 abs slightly more difficult than this.
    But I recommend both on a row for a decently difficult ab workout.
    30min abs workout. 

  6. I remember when i first started this one and now it’s a breeze for me! keep
    working hard! it will become a breeze to you, too! :)

  7. great workout routines. i need my abs toned so i can look nice and fit by
    summertime. after i did this i felt better already. thank you!

  8. I love the fitness blender It feels like i am getting slimmer already, also
    its quie a challenge. WHICH I LOVE!!!

  9. BestWayLoseBellyFat

    Great routine in this video…The combination of exercises is just what you
    need to see results…and a good diet of course 

  10. Wow! I love how descriptive you were and that you gave us an example before
    actually beginning the reps. Thanks!

  11. thank you so much :oD
    thanks to this routine I went from 120 pounds to 110 in a month!!
    thank you for helping me achieve my dream body XoD

  12. Shivani Sheopory

    Very good combination needing flexibility strength, definitely more intense
    than standard ab workouts.

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