Incline dumbbell press for upper pecs Many people do incline dumbbell press but few get its full benefit b…

Incline dumbbell press put more stress on upper chest. The angle of incline bench should be between 30 — 40 degrees. Larger angle will put more stress on fr…

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  1. I have a question… anyone feel free to answer…. I only have 2 20lb dumbells a 15 pound dumble 2 shakeweights even though i dont use them and an ab roller evolution…. cant really afford anything else at the moment but what im wondering is can i really gain muscle with just these items?

  2. Dale Mollett

    You can’t build your inner chest, because you have the upper peck and lower peck. Don’t just do incline, do flat and decline for the lower chest for a good chest workout do all 3 :P, build the mass more you should be fine. I am the same age as you and was thinking about this haha but.

  3. Love how Scooby actually gives us proper home workout advice, most people have “Home workout” in the video title but then they have the same equipment that you would in a gym but in their living room. Whereas Scooby actually makes his own and shows us ;P

  4. Alex Pacheco

    Hello, I am 19 years old and started working out at 16. I stopped for months and now restarted. It happens that an old problem came back to haunt me, I have an pec which is alot more developed than the other, and its quite noticeable as other people notice even when im wearing a shirt.This really affects my performance at the gym, i feel unbalanced and dismotivated. Would it be recommended to do dumbbell exercises only for a long time to focus on pecs separatly, instead off barbells? Any tips?

  5. MrBeefcake290

    No kidding. The guys is in his 50s. I would kill for his physique then

  6. Hello scooby. Im 17 and i’ve been lifting weights for a year or so but I have trouble building my inner chest. I do a lot of incline presses and dumbbell flys but I still can’t really fill up the inner pecs. Any advice?

  7. Halo3ninja28

    A person watching amateurs workout for 10+ years is not really proof of anything. Amateurs can be good, but majority of people aren’t fit, and dedicated so obviously that says something about the consistency of the everyday Joe you watch in the gym.

  8. Halo3ninja28

    Of all the people who have good physiques why would anyone accuse scooby? Haters much? Proof is upon the claimant.

  9. Muscle4LifeX

    I hate incline bench. Mostly works the front delts for me and minimal upper pecs.

  10. Show me a study that shows any signifigant difference in the muscle contraction between a regular benchpress and a incline bench press.

  11. My friend hates your face but I think it’s cool like Vince Urbanks wang

  12. I have a question hoping to be answered by someone.

    I started attending the gym as off lately and have noticed that when I’m doing heavy workouts (say a benchpress) my muscles become stiff.
    This is extremely annoying because I lose a lot of strength (sometimes if I start with a 50kg benchpress I end up doing a 25 kg at the end because of the stiffness) and because I start to move the bar with small jerks as if I lost my mobility.
    Any tips to reduce this or even avoid it and do a better workout?

  13. You know he’s in his 50, also visit his web site he did bodybuilding for more than a decade.

  14. It is only one muscle but it can contract 2 ways. This also is basic human anatomy.

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