How To: V-Up (Hardcore Abdominal Exercise)

How To:  V-Up (Hardcore Abdominal Exercise)

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50 thoughts on “How To: V-Up (Hardcore Abdominal Exercise)”

  1. Hey Scott, im 17 years old male, i train 3-4 times a week and pretty fit,
    but i wanna get some muscle. Recently i started some medication and one of
    the side effects can be muscle and joint pain, my hips are really hurting
    whenever i try to run so my cardio cant really be trained :/ and btw i also
    broke my tailbone a few years back so there are some other excises i cant
    do that invovles legs too.

    I’ve always been the skinny guy and i really want to change that! So I was
    thinking about maybe doing like an Insanity program or something where you
    just go nuts for like 3 months, i really want to build some muscle! Do you
    have any suggestions or advises?

    – Emil

  2. This is one of the very best exercises for abdominal muscle activation,
    it’s not completely sufficient by itself but it’s one that I would never
    dream of not doing. :D

  3. Hey Scott, that monkey has been lifting the same weight for a long time; i
    think its time for it to lift the world instead haha.

  4. Im fixing to start working out again starting 2014. I used to work out 5
    times a week but stopped 5yrs ago after a personal problem i had and went
    through some depression. Im back tho and feeling good! What do you
    recommend i should do? I want to weight lift, also maybe some cardio like
    running, and sit-ups and push ups.

    Please reply. Thanks!

  5. I JUST started doing these 2 weeks ago. I got tired of crunches not doing
    anything for my lower abs (they were weak support for other exercises) and
    being afraid the door contraption I use for my hanging leg raises was gonna
    break on me in a vulnerable position. It is awesome!! No way I can do it
    like you though. LOL Will be there someday though. 

  6. suliman aljabbary

    is there a video where a skinny guy like me can get started at home. im
    thinking of a whole body workout something i can do everyday

  7. Please Scott go back to these videos. You are always the best when it comes
    to fitness tips.

  8. You’ve got to do The Challenge bro, you’d kill it. Start a petition to MTV
    – We’ll all sign that shit.

  9. Hey Scott, I need some help with my routine. I’m currently in a push pull
    leg workout routine and I’m not sure when should I incorporate abs
    exercises in it. Thanks great video

  10. Scott bro you have to help me, Im in very good body shape its just that my
    lower stomach is flabby and lose skinish how do I get rid of it? 

  11. This is one of the hardest shit out there but its also very easy to make it
    complete wrong. My abs are growing and I have barely done this. But will
    try more

  12. Hi i am facing a problem. I use an easy curl bar for bicep curls. It puts
    stress on my inner forearm and wrist. Pain lasts many days. It feels like
    if the pain is coming from bone. Now it pains even when do normal dumbbell
    curls. I would appreciate any solutions. Thank You 

  13. This is such a great exercise, thanks for reminding me about it! We used to
    do these in gymnastics and they are definitely killer!

  14. Kristin Cutteridge

    I have sweat dripping off my forehead. LOVE IT!
    Gonna continue it and subscribe! Thanks!

  15. If you desire to burn calories fast, you should look up on google Vixen Fat
    Loss. That can help you get the body you deserve.

  16. Coach, you’ve helped my workouts so much. I see so much improvement with
    all the exercises you’ve demonstrated.

  17. Durza Jaggerjaquez

    This is a fairly easy workout and at first you don’t feel anything. But
    doing it regularly you can feel it working your abs especially the lower
    abs. Really good workout. Thanks coach!

  18. francis roussel

    I kept a fast pace and max amplitude but a big NOTHING on my abs.
    You said your abs were burning…I doubt. You can do the the 7 min low abs
    and talking all during so…

  19. I love standing abs. Great workout! I love simple routines and fire workout
    beats. There was no beat but simple. Thanks..

  20. Mad effx, if you’re having issues doing ab exercises on the floor due to
    lower back pain, check out our machine at theabstand*net. You can try it
    for $14.95 + free shipping. Thanks for sharing these exercises

  21. Chris Alexander

    Coach Kozak, thanks for your vids. They really are helping me, especially
    the standing ab workout and the 15 minute cardio workouts. been at it for a
    week and i really am seeing a difference…nice short workouts…but they
    are not too overwhelming. Keep it up!

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