How To Use Olympic Weightlifting Straps Safely To Avoid Injury

How To Use Olympic Weightlifting Straps Safely To Avoid Injury

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Jon North demonstrates several lower body flexibility exercises for weightlifting while Glenn Pendlay narrates and David Spitz films at California Strength. …
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25 thoughts on “How To Use Olympic Weightlifting Straps Safely To Avoid Injury”

  1. should it hurt so much when first doing it? i.e. feels like stretching a
    lot in upper hamstring/lower glute

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  3. I asked him this his clean and jerk was around 220 IF i remember right but
    he said he’d comfortably squatted 350. He said he wasn’t a good lifter but
    damn he seemed strong as fuck.

  4. XxxSkitzoFrenix91xxX

    Weight lifting alone will not get rid of fat. It is best to do light to
    moderate cardio for longer durations to help burn fat and expose muscle

  5. definitely. It will help you in your back squat by making your torso more
    upright, which will decrease the stress on your back when squatting heavy.

  6. It is a good question. As it´s been explained to me: it is optimal for
    explosive power and balance to push the knees forward over the toes. It
    enables the legs to be used as sprincoils. All olympic weightlifters do
    this whitout exception. Is it good for the knees: No. Athletic elite
    training is about results and medals and is not meant to improve health. I
    believe the powerlfting squat is better for your knees and enables higher
    weights to be lifted, but at lower speed and less depth.

  7. You have a great channel. Fun to watch and informative. I lean forward to
    much to achieve depth in the back squat. Almost turn the back squat into a
    very heavy (and limiting) good morning. I also have a very hard time
    keeping my back upright enough in the front squat. Been working on the
    flexibility and it is getting better, but it takes work.

  8. Agreed! if you are serious about oly and squatting, invest into a pair of
    weightlifting shoes. Night and day difference for me man.

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