How to take creatine to build more muscle and recover faster

How to take creatine to build more muscle and recover faster

This is just the way i take my creatine and its been working for me. Some people take their creatine with their protein shakes, or any beverage and still see…
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  1. Aurelio Balderas

    HELP! I have super advance body fortress creatine (fruit punch) it says in
    the directions take 48 grams of creating basically a scoop but yet i hear
    rumors that you should only consume 5 grams and compared to 48 it sounds
    like way to much i just turned 17 btw should i take creatine 

  2. Neville Verwey

    I use Optimum Nutition Monohydrate micro creatine and I take it with
    Pineapple juice…I just started last week and finished Tuesday with the
    loading fase and take about 10g a day as I am 114kg and 6ft 5inch. but I
    still don´t feel or see a difference yet…

  3. I’ve been just putting creatine straight from the scoop into my mouth and
    downing it with apple juice. Is that okay or is it best to mix before

  4. Question: I am 50 years old was into working out. I’m a small framed guy
    but a year and a half ago was at 195lbs (5’9) max bench 220lbs. I began
    getting tired and quit working out. I went to the Dr and was diagnosed with
    low Testosterone. The Dr put me on a T-gel called “Testim 1%” and a strict
    diet for 90 days due to high cholesterol. 45 days later I feel much better
    and I am down to 175. I want to get back in the gym and my question is
    this. Will the T-gel help me gain back what i have lost PLUS more? My
    levels were 85. They should be between 400 and 1000. I know they have gone
    up because of the energy boost I am experiencing. Will combining the T-gel
    and creatine get me back where I once was? Thanks!

  5. Have you tried Muscle Maker Method? (check it out on google) It is a quick
    way to get ripped fast.


    You gotta eat right, strength train, and do HIIT cardio too.

  7. Help!!! I want to build leaner muscle. I’ve been going to the gym for about
    a year now. I weight 125. I wanna get to 135 or 140 for now. Im thinking
    about using creatine for the first time.
    My question is should, I consider using weight gainer with creatine. Im in
    construction work so I’m outside all day n the sun. I eat breakfast every
    morning sometime I have time for lunch and dinner is must. I’m currently
    only using whey protein at the time. Please reply. 

  8. sabina sapkota

    This Almost-Magical Workout Strategy builds muscle faster than steroids.
    Copy And paste into Google Muscle Maker Method to find out more.

  9. Samantha Rice

    Great video! Basically, if you take a good-quality product and follow the
    recommended doses, you will get the desired results. Make sure you know the
    ingredients before buying a supplement. If you drink plenty of water, you
    are less likely to feel bloated.

  10. barbieboss503

    I’ve been using creatine and my legs and arms are defined already add me on
    ig at barbieboss503 or Facebook at keily villalta (barbie)

  11. William Verdejo Jr

    This is very informative. I enjoy the part of warm water usage in helping
    Creatine Monohydrate dissolve. This hold true when it comes to power
    drinks, Whey protein etc. 

  12. salil chauhan

    It would be a shame if you did not build muscle when these average people
    do it so easily with Ready Set Ripped (Look it up on google).

  13. hey Alex thanks for your videos i just saw video of you on creatine, after
    watching your video I made my mind of ordering Creatine, i just ordered RSP
    CREADE is that good?
    Also, I have never took creatine before i am 155lbs about 12to13% body fat,
    i wana add lean gain muscle just want to make my muscle look fuller how you
    said it. What you think any tips on how or if i should take creatine or
    not, i am bearly starting to see my abs and dont want to loose em, if you
    can please comment back thanks Alex

  14. Neville Verwey

    well some guys came up to me at the gym today and they were surprised how I
    have changed after 4 of training..
    made me feel good.. but no matter I still am nervous to talk to girls with
    this body.. I still am not confident enough so I just back off.. 

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