How To Take Bust Waist Hips Body Measurements For Women : Fitness Goals : Track Progress

The actual video is about 6 minutes. The rest is a still image so that I can choose it as my thumbnail. Thanks for understanding. Welcome back ladies to much more than beauty. In this video I am showing how i measure my bust, waist and hips. Two main reasons why you should take your body…
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14 thoughts on “How To Take Bust Waist Hips Body Measurements For Women : Fitness Goals : Track Progress”

  1. Nicole ServantoftheLord

    Yea ill try it, how much is it? Do I get it on the p90x site? but yea I will challenge myself n see how toned my stomach will become. Ill try not to get lazy.

  2. you are almost exactly the same measurements and height as I am and I am a model so you’re perfect darling!

  3. @MuchMoreThanBeautiful oh okay 🙂 thank you haha I guess I should accept my body & not worry

  4. Nicole ServantoftheLord

    Yea I want to b thicker in my backside but not flabby. N slim n toned in my abs n toned back area. So I think I follow u there tho gurl. I really need to work on it tho! I used to weigh 145, then startd insanity n in two weeks went down to 137 then stopped, idk why need something more fun I gues

  5. Nicole ServantoftheLord

    Insanity is hard but yea ur muscles will become bigger especially if u eat lots of protein like chicken and fish. its difficult, im not gone lie, but it can b done, motivation would b key! Keep da vids comin, lovin da channel sis

  6. themoonlitgoddess

    I’m 5’4 too and my goal is around the same as yours..I want to be around 140-150 lbs too. Thats where my body looked best at a few years ago. Any smaller and I lose my curves so I know what you mean about not wanting to be too thin!! Right now I’m at 175 so I have a ways to go!!!

  7. MuchMoreThanBeauty

    I heard a lot of good things about insanity. I have never tried it, but I am going to check it out because I want to be toned, but thick, not skinny. LOL 😀 Have you tried the p90x ab ripper exercise yet? It toned by abdomen & back in 2 months….but i stopped so the inches I lost all came back…but I’ve decided to start back up….You should try it & let me know how you like it. The first time you do it, it’s hard, but it gets easier & easier the more you continue to do it.

  8. angelickisses18

    Hi everyone !…my measurements are 44.37.48..and my shoulders are kinda broad like a 49…can someone pls tell me what body shape i have..

  9. MuchMoreThanBeauty

    Hi Jessenia,
    When I was 18, I was the same weight, but after having my son I am at 142 right now. But Im happy with it. I believe that your measurements are attractive. Because your waist is small and is 10 inches smaller than you hips, so you have a curvy bottom. 😀 LOL

  10. I am 18
    My height is 5’2
    Weight is 105-109 depends how much I eat
    Bust is 30 🙁
    Waist is 26
    Hips 36
    What do you think is that attractive please answer I would want honest opinions thanks btw I have always been thin my whole life

  11. MuchMoreThanBeauty

    Thank You. 😀 I just put the links in the description box under the video.

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